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Canada slaps sanctions on 38 Russian individuals, 16 entities — foreign ministry
11:06, Saturday, 04 February, 2023
Canada has extended its sanctions list by imposing restrictions on 38 individuals and 16 entities, which are involved in "Russian propaganda", the ...
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Armenia’s Representative to Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Announced 
20:24, Wednesday, 01 February, 2023
This year, Brunette will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. The decision was made internally by Public TV. Brunette is known to ...
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Singer Igor Nikolaev was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack
15:12, Tuesday, 31 January, 2023
Composer and singer Igor Nikolaev is hospitalized. This was reported by the source of Izvestia. 63-year-old Nikolaev was taken to the cardiology ...
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Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel wins Miss Universe competition
14:00, Sunday, 15 January, 2023
R'Bonney Gabriel, a fashion designer, model and sewing instructor from Texas who competition officials said is the first Filipino American to win ...
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''Take action against the Aliyev’s most recent ethnic cleansing efforts''. Serj Tankian
12:06, Thursday, 05 January, 2023
Serj Tankian: As Azerbaijan’s genocidal blockade enters its 24th day, the Armenian Republic of Artsakh and its citizens are deprived of basic ...
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Leps threw the microphone and left the stage during a concert in St. Petersburg
13:06, Sunday, 04 December, 2022
Singer Grigory Leps during his concert in St. Petersburg threw the microphone, threw away his glasses and left the stage.The artist was very upset ...
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Rosa Linn and Malena will perform on Junior Eurovision's stage on December 11th
17:43, Thursday, 24 November, 2022
Rosa Linn and Malena will perform on Junior Eurovision's stage on December 11th!Rosa Linn will shine with "SNAP", which is now an international hit. ...
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Eurovision 2023: Shock changes to voting system announced for next year's competition
20:42, Tuesday, 22 November, 2022
Shock changes have been announced to the way Eurovision’s winners will be picked in 2023. Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will ...
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A dormitory for Ukrainian refugees burned down in Germany. The main version is arson
18:36, Thursday, 20 October, 2022
In Germany, a fire almost completely destroyed housing for Ukrainians who fled the war in the German commune of Gross-Stremkendorf in ...
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Popular Punk-Rave Group Leaves Russia Over War In Ukraine
21:06, Sunday, 07 August, 2022
The popular Russian punk-rave band Little Big says it has decided to leave the country over Moscow's ongoing, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The ...
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson break up after 9 months of dating
12:12, Saturday, 06 August, 2022
The Kardashians star and Pete Davidson have broken up and decided to just be friends, sources close to the couple exclusively tell E! News. The ...
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Popular OneRepublic raised the flag of Ukraine at the concert
14:42, Tuesday, 02 August, 2022
American pop-rock band OneRepublic supported Ukraine during their concert in Toronto. In particular, the band’s soloist Ryan Tedder raised ...
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Las Vegas
09:51, Monday, 18 July, 2022
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were wed Saturday in a late-night Las Vegas drive-through chapel, culminating a relationship that stretched over two ...
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Singer Ricky Martin risks spending the rest of his life behind bars
12:12, Saturday, 16 July, 2022
Popular Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin faces up to 50 years in prison for allegedly abusing his own nephew. According to the victim, the artist ...
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''I have decided to cancel today's premiere''. Lilit Hovhannisyan
13:18, Friday, 01 July, 2022
I have decided to cancel today's premiere. The arrangement of my song needs some corrections, after which it will be just to my liking.I have been ...
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Brad Pitt will soon retire from acting career
14:00, Thursday, 23 June, 2022
Brad Pitt, one of the world’s most famous actors, has recently made a disclosure. The actor told in an interview that he is planning to retire ...
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Russian singer Yuri Shatunov dies aged 48
12:12, Thursday, 23 June, 2022
Died soloist of the cult group of the 90s Tender May Yuri Shatunov. He passed away at the age of 48. It is known that the singer died in an ...
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Jennifer Lopez introduces child to stage for special duet using gender-neutral pronouns
21:18, Sunday, 19 June, 2022
Jennifer Lopez referred to her child with gender-neutral pronouns before the duet at a concert this week. The singer performed in Los Angeles on ...
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Shakira and Pique broke up
12:12, Thursday, 02 June, 2022
Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and singer Shakira have split. It is reported by El Periodico. According to the source, the 45-year-old ...
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Kim Kardashian makes 'SI Swimsuit' cover debut
15:00, Tuesday, 17 May, 2022
A new milestone in the books! Kim Kardashian has officially earned herself a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover — rightfully rocking Skims ...
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Rosa Linn: So our little story of ''Snap'' came to an end…
16:46, Sunday, 15 May, 2022
The Armenian representatives in Eurovision Rosa Linn wrote on her Instagram page: So our little story of “Snap” came to an end…I ...
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Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision song contest 2022
07:36, Sunday, 15 May, 2022
The rap-folk band, who were given special permission to leave the war-torn country, soared to first place with 631 points. They ended their ...
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The sad, secret life of Benny Hill: The legendary British comedian was 'lonely, depressed and felt ugly' according to a new book which claims he was so frugal that he glued the soles of his tattered shoes back on'
18:39, Saturday, 14 May, 2022
Most people remember British funnyman Benny Hill for his slapstick, risqué humour. But in real life, the multi-millionaire entertainer was ...
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Academy member says Will Smith must atone for 'brutality,' return Oscar award
16:00, Monday, 11 April, 2022
A member of the Motion Picture Academy said Will Smith must "voluntarily" return his award for best actor to atone for slapping Chris Rock at the ...
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Academy bans Will Smith from Oscars ceremony for 10 years over Chris Rock slap
10:12, Saturday, 09 April, 2022
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will prohibit actor Will Smith from attending the Academy Awards for 10 years following his Oscars ...
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Grammy awards 2022: the full list of winners
10:42, Monday, 04 April, 2022
The 64th Grammy Awards are done and dusted, celebrating the talented artists who filled our ears with banging tunes over the past year (and a bit -- ...
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Academy begins disciplinary proceedings against Will Smith for his slap at Oscars 2022
10:42, Thursday, 31 March, 2022
Appears like Oscars 2022 slap controversy is not over yet. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Wednesday began disciplinary ...
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Will Smith apologises to Chris Rock after Oscars slap
11:42, Tuesday, 29 March, 2022
Will Smith has apologised to Chris Rock after he slapped him at the Oscars, saying his behaviour was "unacceptable and inexcusable". "I would ...
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Will Smith hits Chris Rock during Oscar ceremony
10:36, Monday, 28 March, 2022
Best actor winner Will Smith smacked presenter Chris Rock in the face with an open hand and shouted a vulgarity at the comedian for making a joke ...
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Rosa Linn will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022
17:54, Friday, 11 March, 2022
Rosa is 21 year-old singer and songwriter: “My songs are a journey into my inner world, my soul, and my feelings. Music is home. I never give ...
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