Bizarre museum forced to auction exhibits including Queen Victoria's knickers
02:20, Wednesday, 05 May, 2021
A museum of oddities is being forced to sell off some unusual items due to the impact of the pandemic with a dodo bone, a unicorn skull, and even ...
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Scientists find way to remove polluting microplastics with bacteria
23:24, Sunday, 02 May, 2021
Microbiologists have devised a sustainable way to remove polluting microplastics from the environment – and they want to use bacteria to do ...
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Exposure to high heat neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in less than one second
22:20, Sunday, 02 May, 2021
Arum Han, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, and his collaborators have designed an ...
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The report of the medical board on the death of Maradona pointed to the negligence of doctors
21:00, Tuesday, 27 April, 2021
The medical commission, which analyzed the circumstances of the death of ex-football player Diego Maradona, concluded that his attending doctors did ...
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Princess Diana's wedding dress to go on show at Kensington Palace for the first time in 25 years after Prince William and Prince Harry agree to lend their mother's gown to exhibition
20:24, Tuesday, 27 April, 2021
Diana, Princess of Wales's famous wedding dress is to go on show at Kensington Palace for the first time in more than 25 years. The Duke of ...
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The Bidens' younger dog, Major, to undergo additional training after biting incidents
00:04, Wednesday, 14 April, 2021
The Biden family’s younger dog, Major, will undergo additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House after two biting ...
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This fully automated bionic coffee maker is just like a robot straight from The Jetsons!
00:20, Monday, 12 April, 2021
If you sometimes feel like a robot before your first cup of coffee, you’re in good company. Without even fully opening my eyes, I get my first ...
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Nationwide Weapon Amnesty Prompts Citizen To Give Away Tank And Artillery Gun To The Authorities
22:36, Sunday, 11 April, 2021
Law enforcement officials in Czech Republic have been left shocked after a neighborhood man surrendered a pink Soviet T-34 tank and a self-propelled ...
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Researchers discover new type of ancient crater lake on Mars
00:36, Friday, 02 April, 2021
Researchers from Brown University have discovered a previously unknown type of ancient crater lake on Mars that could reveal clues about the ...
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World’s Largest Painting Sells for $62 M. at Dubai Auction
00:04, Thursday, 25 March, 2021
At 17,000 square feet, Sacha Jafri’s The Journey of Humanity (2020), an abstraction featuring drips, whorls, and splatters of various hues, is ...
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Instagram to allow teens to block messages from adults
21:51, Sunday, 21 March, 2021
Instagram is introducing new anti-grooming safety measures that will prevent adult users from sending direct messages to teenagers unless they ...
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Physically Challenged Iranian Artist Becomes Internet Sensation By Drawing Portraits Using Only Her Feet
22:52, Thursday, 11 March, 2021
What can you say of a 28-year-old artist who is 85 percent paralyzed and paints using two toes of her right foot? A genius, we’re sure. This ...
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Harry and Meghan invoke Diana in first Oprah clip and say ‘fear of history repeating itself’ forced them to leave UK
01:05, Monday, 08 March, 2021
Prince Harry stepped back from royal duties because he feared “history repeating itself,” he will tell Oprah Winfrey in an interview ...
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Rare Winston Churchill painting sold by Angelina Jolie smashes auction record
21:50, Sunday, 07 March, 2021
A rare Winston Churchill painting that was gifted to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and eventually made its way into actor ...
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Japanese billionaire seeks eight people to fly to Moon
20:30, Sunday, 07 March, 2021
"I want people from all kinds of backgrounds to join," he said in a video via Twitter, where he also shared a link to application details.He said he ...
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10-minute COVID test can be read with a smartphone
22:05, Sunday, 14 February, 2021
Scientists at the University of Lille (northern France) have developed a device that allows a person to test for coronavirus using their mobile ...
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Biden and Macron agreed to work together to solve Iran's nuclear issue
11:40, Monday, 25 January, 2021
The President of the Republic spoke today with the President of the United States of America, Mr. Joe BIDEN, and congratulated him on taking office ...
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Yellow mealworm safe for humans to eat, says EU food safety agency
22:20, Sunday, 24 January, 2021
Advertisement The insect’s main components are protein, fat and fibre, offering a potentially sustainable and low carbon-emission source of ...
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21 places to see in 2021 with Ryanair
21:50, Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
With the world coming to a stop this year, most travel plans were unfortunately put on hold. But here’s the good news: vaccines are coming and ...
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The oldest inhabitant of the planet celebrated her 118th birthday
12:10, Saturday, 02 January, 2021
Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living person, turned 118 on Saturday, according to local ...
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Robot dance crew shows off its moves in performance to 'Do You Love Me' for New Year's
20:35, Thursday, 31 December, 2020
Here is a little something to put a smile on your face as we near the end of 2020. Boston Dynamics, which specializes in building robots, ...
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Saturn and Jupiter closer in the night sky than they have in centuries
22:15, Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
Tonight’s the night: Saturn and Jupiter will appear closer in the night sky than they have in centuries, in an astronomical event called a ...
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Conjoined 14-month-old twins born locked in an embrace are successfully separated in Michigan following 11-hour surgery involving more than 24 doctors and nurses
00:50, Wednesday, 23 September, 2020
Doctors at the University of Michigan separated one-year-old conjoined twin sisters - born hugging each other - just 14 months after they were ...
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Prince William ‘livid’ at Prince Harry’s Netflix deal amid controversial Diana portrayal
21:55, Sunday, 20 September, 2020
PRINCE Harry and Prince William could be set to clash over his and Meghan Markle's Netflix deal, with the streaming site home to a show that tackles ...
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Neurosurgeon assessed the chances of Schumacher’s recovery
10:00, Sunday, 20 September, 2020
Seven-time Formula 1 champion, injured in 2013, Michael Schumacher will remain in the same condition that he is now, it cannot be improved. This was ...
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World's Quietest Room Will Drive You Crazy in 30 Mins
00:15, Tuesday, 15 September, 2020
Sometimes, you need a little peace and quiet to stay sane. But it turns out too much quiet can drive you crazy- or at least make you hallucinate. ...
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6 terrible reasons to get married (and 5 beautiful signs that you should)
00:05, Sunday, 13 September, 2020
When I was younger, marriage was an inevitability. It was on a bucket list containing other “musts” like a great career by 20, a ...
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Material that cannot be cut would make the ultimate bike lock
22:05, Saturday, 12 September, 2020
A new artificial material effectively cannot be cut, holding out the promise of lightweight but cut-proof bike locks, security doors and protective ...
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Louis Vuitton unveils full face shield with gold studs that reportedly will cost nearly $1,000
13:45, Saturday, 12 September, 2020
This personal protective equipment comes with a steep price tag and gold studs. Louis Vuitton plans to sell a face shield with its signature LV ...
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Apple Design Teams Develop Special Face Masks for Employees
23:55, Friday, 11 September, 2020
Apple Inc. has developed masks that the company is beginning to distribute to corporate and retail employees to limit the spread of Covid-19. The ...
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