The first TUMO center of the Lori Marz, TUMO Vanadzor, will be located in this building
23:54, Wednesday, 29 November, 2023
1/1 Theater Square. This address in the city of Vanadzor is special to us from now on! The first TUMO center of the Lori Marz, TUMO Vanadzor, will ...
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The most powerful cosmic ray since the Oh-My-God particle puzzles scientists
23:29, Friday, 24 November, 2023
Scientists have detected the most powerful cosmic ray seen in more than three decades. But the exact origin of this turbocharged particle from outer ...
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SpaceX Starship launch failed minutes after reaching space
19:36, Saturday, 18 November, 2023
SpaceX's uncrewed spacecraft Starship, developed to carry astronauts to the moon and beyond, was presumed to have failed in space minutes after ...
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Doctors complete first successful face and whole-eye transplant
13:18, Friday, 10 November, 2023
This week doctors announced they had completed the first successful transplant of a partial face and an entire eye. In May at NYU Langone Health in ...
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2023 on track to be the hottest year on record, say scientists
23:00, Wednesday, 08 November, 2023
The world is set to have been hotter in 2023 than in any other year on record, scientists have declared, before a landmark climate summit this ...
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Smartphones with ‘self-healing’ displays will arrive within five years, analysts predict
23:06, Thursday, 12 October, 2023
Smartphones with displays capable of repairing themselves could start appearing on the market by 2028, according to analyst firm CCS Insight. In ...
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Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus
00:36, Wednesday, 13 September, 2023
Apple today announced iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, featuring an industry-first color-infused back glass with a stunning, textured matte finish, and ...
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NASA’s LRO Observes Crater Likely from Luna 25 Impact
00:00, Saturday, 02 September, 2023
Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, published an estimate of the impact point on Aug. 21. The LROC (short for LRO Camera) team and the LRO ...
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Tesla may partner with Samsung for the autonomous driving chips for upcoming EVs
18:24, Wednesday, 30 August, 2023
Tesla has a strong presence in the electric vehicle (EV) market and is working hard to become even more prominent in this area. As the demand for ...
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Apple was testing an orange iPhone 15, but these are probably the final colors
00:24, Wednesday, 23 August, 2023
With the iPhone 15 being less than a month from being announced, a reputable leaker has shared the different colors Apple tested for this ...
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Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft crashes into Moon
21:24, Sunday, 20 August, 2023
Russia's unmanned Luna-25 spacecraft has crashed into the Moon after spinning out of control, officials say.It was Russia's first Moon mission in ...
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Elon Musk: Time to say goodbye to Twitter logo
13:18, Sunday, 23 July, 2023
Twitter owner Elon Musk has said he wants to get rid of the Twitter bird logo, and replace it with an "X".He said on Sunday he was looking to change ...
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Future iPhones might have an easily replaceable battery due to new EU law
01:44, Wednesday, 21 June, 2023
New regulation in the European Union, passed recently(opens in a new tab) with an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament, requires ...
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Is Microsoft Moving its AI Talent Out of China?
20:24, Monday, 12 June, 2023
Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is moving some of its artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from China to Canada, the Financial Times ...
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Man spends 93 days at the bottom of the Atlantic - now he's 10 years younger
23:06, Monday, 05 June, 2023
A scientist says spending 93 days underwater has turned back the aging clock and left him 10 years younger. Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri ...
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In a First, Caltech's Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space
23:00, Sunday, 04 June, 2023
A space solar power prototype that was launched into orbit in January is operational and has demonstrated its ability to wirelessly transmit power ...
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#SpaceX launch 22 Starlink 'V2 mini' satellites into orbit, lands rocket at sea
19:30, Sunday, 04 June, 2023
SpaceX launched a fleet of new Starlink internet satellites into orbit early Sunday (June 4), kicking off the first of a space launch doubleheader ...
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China bans Micron’s products from key infrastructure over security risk
20:24, Sunday, 21 May, 2023
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SpaceX launches 3 satellites to orbit on 6th-ever Falcon Heavy mission
11:36, Monday, 01 May, 2023
SpaceX launched its powerful Falcon Heavy rocket for the sixth time ever on Sunday (April 30), sending three satellites to distant geostationary ...
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Robots shared stage with models in Paris
21:54, Wednesday, 08 March, 2023
Fashion designers of the house Coperni in the framework of Fashion Week in Paris during FW '23/24 starred 5 robot dogs as models. The creative ...
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UAE, Israel unveil joint naval vessel as military ties grow
19:36, Tuesday, 21 February, 2023
The United Arab Emirates and Israel on Monday revealed their first jointly created unmanned vessel, illustrating their growing military ties as ...
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Apple Releases iOS 16.3 With Security Keys for Apple ID, New HomePod Support, Bug Fixes and More
00:12, Tuesday, 24 January, 2023
Apple today released iOS 16.3, the third major update to the iOS 16 operating system that first came out in September. iOS 16.3 comes over a month ...
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F-35: The World’s Best Fighter? Hell Yes
20:36, Sunday, 15 January, 2023
The decisions by two “holdout” major Western powers, Germany and Canada, to acquire the F-35 leaves no doubt regarding the unique ...
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Twitter Is Offering Free Ads to Bring Advertisers Back
22:12, Saturday, 14 January, 2023
Since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, the social media giant has been bleeding advertisers. The Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter ...
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A partial solar eclipse has started in Europe
15:21, Tuesday, 25 October, 2022
The partial solar eclipse, which will be visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia, became visible first in Reykjavik, Iceland, ...
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Best Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers
15:42, Friday, 23 September, 2022
A tester is one of those IT specialties that are now becoming available to many people. Performance tester jobs are needed in many companies because ...
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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Plus: here's how they compare
00:30, Thursday, 08 September, 2022
iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Plus is an all-new iPhone match-up this year, as Apple's ditching the smaller iPhone mini size for the larger Max. And that ...
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New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 14 Release Surprise
20:18, Monday, 05 September, 2022
On September 7, Apple will announce the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Or so we thought... In a surprisingly late ...
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AirPods Pro 2 to be unveiled during iPhone 14 event
19:18, Sunday, 04 September, 2022
AirPods Pro 2 will be unveiled at the Apple September “Far Out” event. This news has been shared by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman in his ...
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Why NASA wants to return to the moon before sending humans to Mars
11:30, Monday, 29 August, 2022
Before landing the first humans on Mars, NASA wants to return to the lunar surface -- but in a way that we've never explored the moon before.When ...
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