A T. Rex Skeleton Arrives in Rockefeller Center Ahead of Auction
22:50, Wednesday, 16 September, 2020
The tourists have not yet returned to Rockefeller Center, but the dinosaurs are making a comeback. Unsuspecting visitors exploring Midtown will ...
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On September 15, Apple held its annual hardware event, showing off the latest and greatest Apple toys and services
00:00, Wednesday, 16 September, 2020
On September 15, Apple held its annual hardware event, showing off the latest and greatest Apple toys and services. Unfortunately, the new iPhone ...
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Material that cannot be cut would make the ultimate bike lock
22:05, Saturday, 12 September, 2020
A new artificial material effectively cannot be cut, holding out the promise of lightweight but cut-proof bike locks, security doors and protective ...
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Windows 10 failure: Lenovo confirms BSOD, more users report bugs
00:30, Tuesday, 01 September, 2020
After applying the Windows 10 August update, if you’re having problems with your laptop, especially Lenovo ThinkPad, you’re not the only ...
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Asteroid 2011 ES4 to make its closest approach to Earth, closer than any asteroid in next decade
12:20, Sunday, 30 August, 2020
On September 1, asteroid 2011 ES4 will make a close approach towards Earth and will be closer to our planet than the Moon. The estimated distance of ...
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Microsoft 365 saves you time and effort with transcription and voice commands in Word
22:20, Wednesday, 26 August, 2020
Harness the power of your voice Now more than ever, we’re all very busy—juggling family, work, friends, and whatever else life throws ...
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SpaceX is manufacturing 120 Starlink internet satellites per month
01:25, Friday, 14 August, 2020
SpaceX is manufacturing its Starlink satellites at an unprecedented rate for the space industry, analysts say, as the company dives headlong into ...
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SpaceX's Starship SN5 prototype soars on 1st test flight! 'Mars is looking real,' Elon Musk says
00:00, Thursday, 06 August, 2020
SpaceX just flew a full-size prototype of its Starship Mars-colonizing spacecraft for the first time ever. The Starship SN5 test vehicle took to ...
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CT scan reveals the story behind the 'mummy of the screaming woman' from Deir El-Bahari’s Royal Cachette
00:05, Thursday, 23 July, 2020
A study carried out by renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass and Sahar Saleem, professor of radiology at Cairo University who specialises in scanning ...
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First in-human trial of synthetic cornea starts in Israel
20:32, Wednesday, 22 July, 2020
The first-in-human implantation of the revolutionary CorNeat KPro synthetic cornea has been approved for 10 corneally blind patients at Beilinson ...
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The UAVs made by Armenian companies were enabled for the first time in the field with excellent level of efficiency
21:20, Thursday, 16 July, 2020
During the provocations by Azeri military forces, the UAVs made by Armenian companies were enabled for the first time in the field, with excellent ...
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An #mRNA #Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2-Preliminary Report
22:05, Wednesday, 15 July, 2020
The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in late 2019 and spread globally, prompting an international effort to ...
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Xiaomi Jenner Fully Automatic Smart Toilet
21:15, Sunday, 12 July, 2020
Xiaomi has launched the Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet on its Youpin platform. The smart toilet is one out of a long list of ...
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#Coronavirus may have mutated to become more infectious: Fauci
04:05, Sunday, 05 July, 2020
The coronavirus has mutated in a way that might help the pathogen spread more easily, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said ...
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There are now 141 vaccines in development. #WHO
17:40, Thursday, 02 July, 2020
The covid-19 pandemic has starkly revealed how we need more international cooperation to address global health crises, not less. Not only are we far ...
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#WHO's Ryan: more than 133 #coronavirus vaccine candidates put Into system
17:25, Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
More than 133 candidate vaccines against the coronavirus have been registered, but there are no guarantees of a safe and effective vaccine, ...
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Fauci says #COVID_19 vaccine may not get US to herd immunity if too many people refuse to get it
00:05, Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
Dr. Anthony Fauci says he would "settle" for a Covid-19 vaccine that's 70% to 75% effective, but that this incomplete protection, coupled with the ...
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CanSino's #COVID_19 #vaccine candidate approved for military use in China
17:25, Monday, 29 June, 2020
China's military has received the greenlight to use a COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by its research unit and CanSino Biologics after clinical ...
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#Google will now auto-delete location and search history by default for new users
00:10, Friday, 26 June, 2020
On Wednesday, Google announced broad changes in its default data practices for new users, including a significant expansion in the company’s ...
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#Shionogi to tie up with universities on #coronavirus test method
17:50, Monday, 22 June, 2020
Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co. said Monday that it will collaborate with universities in the country to put into practical use a ...
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#WHO welcomes preliminary results about #dexamethasone use in treating critically ill #COVID_19 patients
11:35, Wednesday, 17 June, 2020
The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes the initial clinical trial results from the United Kingdom (UK) that show dexamethasone, a ...
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#SARSCoV2 mRNA vaccine development enabled by prototype pathogen preparedness
18:35, Saturday, 13 June, 2020
A SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is needed to control the global COVID-19 public health crisis. Atomic-level structures directed the application of ...
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We are implementing a one-year moratorium on police use of #Rekognition
03:10, Friday, 12 June, 2020
We’re implementing a one-year moratorium on police use of Amazon’s facial recognition technology. We will continue to allow ...
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SpaceX's Dragon: First Private Spacecraft to Reach the Space Station
20:50, Sunday, 31 May, 2020
SpaceX, the private space company founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk, made history in the world of privately-funded space travel with its Dragon and ...
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Baby girl has second mouth complete with lips
16:00, Friday, 29 May, 2020
A six-month-old baby girl has undergone an operation to remove her second mouth, which was complete with lips, teeth and tongue. When the mass ...
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Experts warn сclimate сhange is already killing way more people than we record
05:35, Friday, 29 May, 2020
People around the world are already dying from the climate crisis, and yet all too often, official death records do not reflect the impact of these ...
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What's New in #iOS13
17:40, Thursday, 28 May, 2020
Apple introduced the newest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 13, on June 3 at the keynote event of the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. ...
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#Coronavirus patients no longer infectious after 11 days: study
23:10, Wednesday, 27 May, 2020
Coronavirus patients stop being infectious 11 days after contracting the disease — even if they still test positive for COVID-19 on day 12, ...
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#Remdesivir close to EU's initial authorisation as #COVID_19 treatment
12:05, Tuesday, 19 May, 2020
The head of the European Union's medicines agency Guido Rasi said on Monday an initial authorisation for U.S. pharmaceutical company Gilead's ...
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#Coronavirus: US authorises use of anti-viral drug Remdesivir
17:35, Saturday, 02 May, 2020
The US's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised emergency use of the Ebola drug remdesivir for treating the coronavirus. The ...
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