Natural Birthworks Birth in the parking lot
22:55, Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
This momma had a super fast labor. In Midwife terms, it was precipitous. When dad called a few minutes before arrival and said she feels like ...
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Sex Workers Can Get Back to Business in Switzerland, But Sports Remain Prohibited
21:25, Thursday, 28 May, 2020
Swiss politicians have decided that sex workers can soon get back to business while activities and sports involving close physical contact such as ...
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Coronavirus: Nearly 800 bodies collected by police from homes in Ecuador’s virus epicentre
00:40, Tuesday, 14 April, 2020
Almost 800 bodies have been collected from homes in Guayaquil by police as coronavirus continues to take its toll on the Ecuadorian city’s ...
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Evil husband seals wife's vagina with glue after she cheated on him with 4 men
00:10, Tuesday, 18 February, 2020
Dennis Mumo from Kitui in southern Kenya confessed his sickening crimes to police, claiming that he did it to save his marriage after learning of ...
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58 videos of 15-year-old girl lead to Davie man’s arrest
01:10, Tuesday, 29 October, 2019
When a 15-year-old girl’s mother found out sexually explicit photos of her daughter were online, it had been nearly a year since her family ...
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Kazakhstan paedophile to be chemically castrated after country introduces new punishment for sex offenders
01:30, Saturday, 28 September, 2019
A paedophile in Kazakhtan is set to be the first in the country to be chemically castrated. It comes months after a new law was passed permitting ...
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Woman who gave birth alone in Denver prison cell files lawsuit
01:32, Thursday, 05 September, 2019
A woman who gave birth alone in her jail cell in Denver is suing the city after deputies and nurses allegedly ignored her pleas for help during ...
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Ibiza police searching for naked Ferrari-riding woman
02:05, Thursday, 22 August, 2019
A woman has been filmed writhing naked on a red Ferrari as its cigar-chomping driver cruises the streets of Ibiza with dance music blaring. The ...
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11 Fearless Dancers Strip Down On NYC Rooftops, And The Result Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster
00:10, Tuesday, 11 June, 2019
Inspired by his background, photographer Omar Z. Robles has been capturing the graceful and subtle movements of ballet dancers for over 4 years now. ...
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Heartbreaking moment mother wheels dead toddler into surgery for organ donation operation
03:10, Monday, 27 May, 2019
Meagan Sobolik, 29, brought her 21-month-old daughter, Carolyn, to the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Minnesota for the last time, kissed her, and said: ...
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Gynecological Exams In 1895 Will Make You Glad For Modern Healthcare
02:00, Wednesday, 15 May, 2019
As women's health continues to be discussed in politics, there is one thing we can all agree on — at least it isn't 1895 anymore. As a ...
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Woman Has 17 Abortions in 6 Years, May Never Be Able to Have Children
02:30, Friday, 03 May, 2019
A Chinese woman has had her 17th abortion in a six-year period, according to a Feb. 23 report from the Shiyan Evening News. The woman, given the ...
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Billionaire diamond trader Ehud Arye Laniado, 65, dies during penis enlargement surgery that triggered ‘heart attack’ at Paris clinic
23:40, Wednesday, 06 March, 2019
Ehud Arye Laniado died at the age of 65 in the clinic of an unnamed plastic surgeon on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in the French capital ...
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Police tackle topless protesters who rush Trump motorcade in Paris
20:05, Sunday, 11 November, 2018
French police on Sunday stopped two topless protesters who approached the motorcade of US President Donald Trump as he made his way to a ceremony in ...
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Jennifer Lopez, 49, poses nude as she says 'I've taken care of myself and it shows'
02:10, Friday, 02 November, 2018
Jennifer Lopez posed nude with a green cape covering only her chest and her hand on her backside. The 49-year-old Second Act star looked ...
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Natural is best! Australian mothers breastfeed their babies in series of spectacular photos to show 'every milky goddess out there deserves to feel like one'
02:15, Monday, 12 March, 2018
Natural is best! Australian mothers breastfeed their babies in series of spectacular photos to show 'every milky goddess out there deserves to feel ...
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Fashion Designer Showcases 'Pubic Wigs' At New York Fashion Week
02:05, Thursday, 22 February, 2018
Top catwalk shows are always a bit..much. Designers like to make the whole thing pretty theatrical and show off their creative sides, so, as such, ...
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In Germany, The Shorts From Rapists Beat The Record For Sales In The World : Vladim
02:25, Friday, 09 February, 2018
In Germany, the fashion designer Sandra Seilz made shorts for women that can protect them from the abuser. At the moment, an unusual piece of ...
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Mother arrested after daughter, 12, found dismembered in Hong Kong flat
01:05, Wednesday, 20 December, 2017
A mother has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her 12-year-old daughter, whose dismembered body was found in a Mong Kok flat on Sunday ...
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pamela-andersons-new-lingerie-linePamela Loves Coco de Mer
02:05, Friday, 08 December, 2017
Pamela Anderson: sex icon, social activist, lingerie mogul?“We need to get more people in lingerie,” Pamela Anderson says from her seat ...
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Woman Who Married Mother Pleads Guilty To Incest
02:10, Monday, 13 November, 2017
Duncan, Oklahoma – An Oklahoma woman who married her biological mother has pleaded guilty to incest. Court records show 26-year-old Misty Spann ...
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Nude model ‘thrown into JAIL like a dog’ after secretly posing for topless photoshoot at ancient Egyptian temple
02:05, Thursday, 14 September, 2017
Marisa Papen, who describes herself as a "free-spirited and wildhearted expressionist", travelled with photographer Jesse Walker to Egypt for a ...
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Human legs found in rubbish bin in Rome
16:20, Wednesday, 16 August, 2017
A severed pair of human legs was found in a rubbish bin in Rome on Tuesday evening, according to Italian media citing police sources.The grim ...
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British teenagers on holiday in Turkey say they were sexually assaulted TWICE in four days but laughing hotel staff blamed them saying they were 'looking for group sex'
15:25, Sunday, 23 July, 2017
Four British teenagers travelling abroad for the first time say they were sexually assaulted twice - and say police ignored their pleas for ...
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This New Ashley Graham Lingerie Line Is Purple Perfection
02:25, Friday, 07 July, 2017
Bombshell Ashley Graham has taken the modeling and body-positive world by storm (we've lost count of how many times she's made modeling ...
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Feminist Mob Gets Naked to Protest ‘Gender Discrimination’
00:05, Friday, 02 June, 2017
Tuesday, over 120 naked feminists decided to get together and put on a flashmob to protest “gender-based violence” in Buenos Aires, the ...
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Daesh attacks base where US advisers stationed in Iraq
16:05, Sunday, 07 May, 2017
Multiple Islamic State suicide bombers attacked a base in northern Iraq where US military advisers are stationed, security sources said on ...
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Stripper Dances For Prisoners In Brazil Jail Cell
01:10, Friday, 07 April, 2017
Stripper Dances For Jail InmatesThe video filmed by prisoners is believed to be from Barreto Campelo prison in Itamaraca, Pernambuco, Brazil.
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Bonkers! Naked couple spotted having sex on a fourth-floor balcony are shamed on Spanish TV after footage goes viral
01:10, Friday, 24 March, 2017
Two al fresco lovers were publicly shamed when footage of them having sex on their balcony aired on national television.A passer-by caught the ...
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