Trump calls Afghanistan withdrawal 'a wonderful and positive thing to do' and criticizes Biden's timeline
10:52, Monday, 19 April, 2021
Former President Donald Trump on Sunday praised withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, while knocking his successor's timeline for doing so.Though ...
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Erdoğan condemns Greece for appointing mufti, failing to respect Turks in Western Thrace
11:44, Sunday, 18 April, 2021
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday criticised Greece over appointing the chief mufti for Muslims and its treatment of the Turkish ...
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Biden confused Russian president's surname
11:44, Friday, 16 April, 2021
US President Joe Biden has once again amused netizens by confusing the name of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him ...
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Trudeau and Merkel discussed the situation on Ukraine's border
10:40, Friday, 16 April, 2021
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. The two leaders shared their deep concern about Russia’s ...
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US poised to impose sanctions on Russia․ #Bloomberg
16:08, Thursday, 15 April, 2021
The Biden administration is poised to impose a raft of new sanctions on Russia, including long-feared restrictions on buying new sovereign debt, in ...
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The MEP sent an urgent request to the EU Commission in connection with the " park of trophies" in Baku
15:04, Wednesday, 14 April, 2021
Member of European Parliament Loucas Fourlas submitted a written question to the EU Commission on the opening of the “park of trophies” ...
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OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs call on parties to resume dialogue under their auspices at earliest opportunity
10:32, Wednesday, 14 April, 2021
The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group (Igor Popov of the Russian Federation, Stephane Visconti of France, and Andrew Schofer of the United States of ...
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PACE Migration Committee Chair concerned over fate of captives, missing persons from recent NK war
15:32, Tuesday, 13 April, 2021
''I am deeply concerned about the fate of the alleged captives and missing persons from the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan,'' Pierre ...
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Canada cancels permits for high-tech arms exports to Turkey
15:04, Tuesday, 13 April, 2021
Canada has cancelled export permits to Turkey for drone technology, the foreign affairs department announced, after a government review found that ...
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Cavanaugh: ''You could have achieved settlement of the conflict in 1999''
16:20, Friday, 09 April, 2021
Former US Ambassador and OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Carey Cavanaugh on his Twitter page, touched upon the Karabakh conflict. ''To paraphrase LTP: ...
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The US State Department believes that Russia seeks to preserve the conflict in Karabakh
19:36, Thursday, 08 April, 2021
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent expressed an opinion, from which it follows that Moscow, ...
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Armenian-Australian community appeals to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to recognize the Armenian Genocide
14:04, Thursday, 08 April, 2021
As the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide approaches, the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC-AU) has written an open letter on ...
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The US and NATO member states discussed the growth of military activity of the Russian Federation near the borders of Ukraine
13:04, Thursday, 08 April, 2021
Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Amanda Dory participated in a virtual meeting of NATO colleagues from Canada, Lithuania, Poland, and ...
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Pentagon urges Russia to clarify intents of troop movement on Ukrainian border
10:52, Wednesday, 07 April, 2021
Russia’s intents in connection with its troop movement on the border with Ukraine remain unclear to the United States, and Washington calls ...
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Billboards in Pennsylvania call on President Biden to recognize the Armenian Genocide
12:00, Saturday, 03 April, 2021
As the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide rapidly approaches, Armenians across the country are raising awareness and calling on the Biden ...
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Armenian Caucus seeks over $100 million in U.S. aid for Republic of Artsakh and Armenia
11:04, Friday, 02 April, 2021
The Congressional Armenian Caucus is calling for over $100 million in U.S. aid to Armenia and Artsakh following Turkey and Azerbaijan’s ...
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Biden recognizing Armenian Genocide is righting a historic wrong. #JerusalemPost
18:20, Tuesday, 30 March, 2021
The Biden administration reportedly will recognize the Armenian Genocide in a historic and long-overdue decision by the United States. In a ...
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Canada introduces new sanctions against Russia
11:52, Tuesday, 30 March, 2021
The Canadian government has introduced new anti-Russian sanctions over Crimea reuniting with the Russian Federation, the statement by Global Affairs ...
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China slaps new sanctions on UK
11:20, Friday, 26 March, 2021
China slapped sanctions on U.K. entities on Friday, saying that Britain’s sanctions on Chinese individuals over alleged human rights abuses in ...
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Biden intends to cooperate with the European Union on Russia and China
10:44, Friday, 26 March, 2021
US President Joe Biden, following his participation in the EU summit, announced Washington’s desire to interact with the European Union on ...
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Emin Yeritsyan was elected vice-president of the Congress of Council of Europe
13:08, Wednesday, 24 March, 2021
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has started 40th Session, in Strasbourg, France.On the occasion of the 40th ...
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Macron Says Turkey Has Plans to Try and Sway French Elections
12:08, Wednesday, 24 March, 2021
President Emmanuel Macron expressed concern that Turkey will attempt to influence upcoming French elections.“The threats aren’t veiled, ...
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Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a 'range of issues', Psaki says
13:36, Tuesday, 23 March, 2021
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said that President Biden maintains "regular" communication with Barack Obama on a number of ...
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Human Rights Watch calls for international pressure on Azerbaijan over Armenian POWs
11:09, Tuesday, 23 March, 2021
Azerbaijan’s international partners should press the Aliyev government to hold the perpetrators of the torture and degrading treatment against ...
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Statement by Biden on Turkey’s Withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention
12:09, Monday, 22 March, 2021
Turkey’s sudden and unwarranted withdrawal from the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and ...
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White House tells Kathimerini it intends to recognize Armenian Genocide
14:51, Saturday, 20 March, 2021
US President Joe Biden plans to make good on his pre-election promise to recognize the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Turks during World War ...
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Biden meets with UN Security Council members
12:51, Friday, 19 March, 2021
US President Joe Biden hosted Permanent Representatives from the UN Security Council, where he reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to values-based global ...
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Donald Trump Jr. slams White House’s refusal to speak with Putin as weakness
11:39, Friday, 19 March, 2021
Donald Trump Jr. has blasted the refusal of US President Joe Biden’s administration to agree to hold a direct conversation as proposed by ...
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Biden: "My Administration will work with Azerbaijan to address regional reconciliation"
18:18, Thursday, 18 March, 2021
"My Administration will work with Azerbaijan to address common security concerns and regional reconciliation," noted in the congratulation letter, ...
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G7 countries again condemn the annexation of Crimea to Russia
15:30, Thursday, 18 March, 2021
G7 Foreign Ministers unite in condemnation of Russia’s continued actions to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and ...
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