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Flora and fauna

Two bears Rescued
23:15, Friday, 30 November, 2018
After huge amounts of hard work and thanks to the incredible fighting spirit of our team and YOUR donation, the two bus stop bears are finally ...
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Green events in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) and Urtsadzor Community Cluster
13:30, Saturday, 07 July, 2018
In the result of the cooperation of the Foundation for the Preservation Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and VivaCell-MTS, electric bike charging ...
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Mutant calf with two heads stuns vet and farmer when it is born on a farm in Poland
16:25, Saturday, 30 June, 2018
A farm in Poland witnessed the birth of a mutant two-headed calf. Local vet Karolina Szarowska was stunned as she described helping with the ...
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VivaCell-MTS’ new base-transceiver station provides voice and Internet services in over 80% of the area of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and the Khosrov Forest State Reserve
15:35, Saturday, 30 June, 2018
VivaCell-MTS has installed a new base-transceiver station on Mount Dahnak, providing cellular and Internet connection in over 80% of the area of the ...
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The heartbreaking moment an abused bear sees the outside of its cage for the first time in years after being rescued from a hellish Armenian zoos
16:20, Wednesday, 20 June, 2018
This is the moment charity workers pulled an emaciated bear out of its cage for the first time in years as it was rescued from a hellish Armenian ...
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Hippos Save Wildebeest from Crocodiles!
23:15, Tuesday, 22 May, 2018
Incredible footage showing some rare interactions, captured on a safari with Chasin' Africa Safaris at one of the top dams in Kruger, Gezanftombi ...
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The Smoking Elephant!
02:05, Tuesday, 27 March, 2018
We are excited to share with you a rare video shot by Mr Vinay Kumar, Assistant Director at WCS India, which captures a wild Asian Elephant ...
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World's last male northern white rhino dies
02:15, Wednesday, 21 March, 2018
"We can only hope that the world learns from the sad loss of Sudan and takes every measure to end all trade in rhino horn. While prices of rhino ...
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Tens of thousands of starfish wash up on British beach following extreme change in temperature
02:15, Tuesday, 06 March, 2018
Thousands of dead starfish washed up on a British beach following the 'beast from the east' weather snap. The spectacular scene in Ramsgate, ...
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Preteen huntress receives death threats after posting pictures with the many exotic animals she's killed
00:00, Monday, 26 February, 2018
A 14-year-old hunter has become the target of internet critics for posting numerous images of herself with her kills. Aryanna Gourdin, from Cove, ...
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Savage rhinoceros fight caught on camera
10:10, Sunday, 25 February, 2018
This is the dramatic moment two rhinos locked horns recently in a savage territorial battle. In the clip, which was filmed on February 17 by tour ...
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South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head
00:30, Thursday, 15 February, 2018
A suspected big cat poacher has been eaten by lions near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, police say. The animals left little behind, ...
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Over 8000 Wild Whooper Swans Cross the Frozen Yellow River for Food
02:10, Tuesday, 06 February, 2018
Large groups of whooper swans crossed the frozen Yellow River in search of food in Pinglu County in north China's Shanxi Province.
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The saddest bear in Armenia
17:45, Thursday, 01 February, 2018
Of all the bears we have rescued in Armenia so far, Peter has to be the saddest of them all. We found the little bear hidden away in the corner ...
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Listen to this killer whale say ‘hello’ and ‘bye-bye’
15:40, Thursday, 01 February, 2018
When it comes to echoing human speech, parrots are the superstars of the animal world—but a killer whale named Wikie may not be far behind. ...
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In Quebec, Canada, the whale nearly ate the boat
02:05, Monday, 29 January, 2018
Tourists who visited Quebec (Canada) to see the whales from the boat, got what they were driving for. The giant whale not only appeared before them, ...
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Terrifying moment a catcher pulls a FOUR metre snake from the toilet
14:15, Sunday, 28 January, 2018
A frustrated Noosa family has finally discovered the cause of their 'haunted' bathroom thanks to a local snake catcher. The toilet in their ...
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Leila Jeffreys· Ornithurae
19:05, Sunday, 21 January, 2018
Sydney-based artist, photographer and environmentalist Leila Jeffreys is well known for her striking portraits of native birds, and we’ve been ...
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Three-week-old cheetah cubs at the Saint Louis Zoo
21:10, Sunday, 14 January, 2018
For the first time in Saint Louis Zoo history, a cheetah has given birth to eight cheetah cubs. The cubs, three males and five females, were born at ...
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Huge Octopus Escapes Through Smallest Hole | The Dodo
02:05, Saturday, 30 December, 2017
We can't be the only people who had to watch this more than once... this octopus finds a tiny vent in the side of a fishing boat and squeezes his ...
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22:10, Monday, 25 December, 2017
In Endangered, the result of an extraordinary multiyear project to document the lives of threatened species, acclaimed photographer Tim Flach ...
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Buffalo Flips a Sleeping Lion!
02:10, Thursday, 21 December, 2017
It’s normally the predator that lands up as the winner in a hunting situation, however, this unfortunate lion was unable to grab herself a ...
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Temporally inter-comparable maps of terrestrial wilderness and the Last of the Wild
19:05, Sunday, 17 December, 2017
Wilderness areas, defined as areas free of industrial scale activities and other human pressures which result in significant biophysical ...
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Gigantic Turtle Found on Spanish Beach
23:10, Thursday, 30 November, 2017
A two-metre-long turtle has reportedly washed onto a beach in Calella, near Barcelona on the northeast coast of Spain. The apparently dead ...
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Huge Hornet Nest Removal
01:05, Friday, 24 November, 2017
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Dog Owners Live Longer
02:50, Sunday, 19 November, 2017
In case you need another reason to snuggle your pup: According to a new study of more than 3.4 million people, owning a dog is linked to a longer ...
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Giant coconut crab sneaks up on a sleeping bird and kills it
22:05, Friday, 10 November, 2017
A giant coconut crab has been filmed stalking, killing and devouring a seabird. It is the first time these whopping crustaceans have been seen ...
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Donald Trump Found In A Dogs Ear
23:30, Monday, 06 November, 2017
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A head of the rest Two headed turtle races across the ground | Breaking News!
01:35, Saturday, 04 November, 2017
Adorable 'infant' turtle Michaelangelo with two heads is seen scampering across the ground with lightening speed in Nonthaburi, Thailand.
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