Seoul’s mayor had sexually harassed his secretary
22:10, Thursday, 09 July, 2020
The mayor of Seoul has been found dead after going missing just hours before a 'sexual assault' allegation made by his secretary was due to be ...
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Melania Trump sculpture in Slovenia set on fire on US Independence Day
12:00, Thursday, 09 July, 2020
Brad Downey, the American artist who commissioned the statue, said it was targeted on 4 July, Independence Day in the US.The Berlin-based artist ...
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Worldwide #coronavirus cases surpass 12 million
09:50, Thursday, 09 July, 2020
A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 548,000 people worldwide.Over 12 million people across the globe have been diagnosed ...
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Kanye West says he had the coronavirus but peddles unfounded conspiracies about vaccines
19:10, Wednesday, 08 July, 2020
Kanye West, who has announced his intention to run for president of the United States, told Forbes in an interview published Wednesday he had the ...
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Russia հolds Space Agency aide, ex-journalist on high treason charge
15:10, Tuesday, 07 July, 2020
An adviser to the chief of Russia's Roskosmos state space agency, Ivan Safronov Jr., has been detained on a charge of high treason. Roskosmos's ...
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Donating to Armenia Support Fun to help provide grants to these struggling businesses. Kim Kardashian
11:35, Tuesday, 07 July, 2020
Kim Kardashian wrote on Facebook: Armenia Support Fund has launched a fundraising effort to help small businesses in Armenia struggling as a result ...
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Trump's White House press secretary invoked the 'Armenian genocide
11:06, Tuesday, 07 July, 2020
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany referenced the Armenian genocide during Monday's press briefing, in a move that goes against the US ...
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Australia to seal off 6.6 million people in virus-hit state as outbreak worsens
22:35, Monday, 06 July, 2020
Australia will isolate 6.6 million people in the state of Victoria from the rest of the nation at 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday, as authorities take drastic ...
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Group of 239 scientists demand that WHO admit coronavirus is AIRBORNE -meaning the public should wear masks indoors and AC units should be fitted with filters
21:15, Monday, 06 July, 2020
Hundreds of scientists say there is evidence that novel coronavirus can linger in smaller particles in the air and infect people indoors, which ...
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Ucom Has Expressed Its Position To The Scpec Of Ra
20:40, Monday, 06 July, 2020
On June 26, 2020 the State Commission of the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia has approached “Ucom” CJSC to ...
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Iraq security forces deny reports about missile attack on Baghdad Airport
12:15, Monday, 06 July, 2020
The Iraqi security forces said on Monday that what was reported by several media outlets about the fall of a missile near the Baghdad International ...
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Tech giants to Face EU legal push on content, competition, taxes. #TheWallStreetJournal
11:25, Monday, 06 July, 2020
Massive tech firms together with Google guardian Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Fb Inc. face a swath of proposed European rules aimed toward ...
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Bolsonaro vetoes mandatory mask use in shops, temples, schools
13:35, Saturday, 04 July, 2020
Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro Friday passed a bill on the mandatory use of masks against COVID-19 but vetoed some provisions that required ...
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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, his government resign
13:55, Friday, 03 July, 2020
The French government led by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and his government have submitted their resignations, which President Emmanuel Macron ...
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European Parliament building robbed during lockdown
11:40, Friday, 03 July, 2020
At least 50 members of the European Parliament had their offices robbed; computers, tablets and other things were stolen from their officers during ...
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Sweden launches commission to investigate #coronavirus response
18:05, Thursday, 02 July, 2020
Sweden’s government has initiated a commission to investigate its controversial approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.Sweden has taken a different ...
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Viva-MTS sums up the results and celebrates milestones over the last 15 years
21:00, Wednesday, 01 July, 2020
Armenia's leading telecommunications operator Viva-MTS, sums up the results of its activities led over the last 15 years. The main stages and ...
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This is why flagship #5G #Android phones will rise in price next year
17:25, Wednesday, 01 July, 2020
Android phone manufacturers might have to make a big decision on the pricing of their flagship models next year. According to a post on a Korean ...
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Germany investigating 30,000 potential suspects in pedophile probe
17:35, Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
The cybercrime unit of the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia is investigating some 30,000 leads in a massive online child abuse probe, ...
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India bans #TikTok—plus 58 other Chinese apps
16:30, Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
On Monday, India banned TikTok and dozens of other apps made in China, escalating tension between the countries two weeks after a long-simmering ...
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Spain will pay 461 euro monthly minimum income for the poorest
01:05, Sunday, 28 June, 2020
Spain launched a program of minimum subsistence income, which implies the distribution of money to people just like. It is reported by Euronews. ...
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#Barclays on #iPhone12 lineup: no #EarPods in box and possibly not even a charger
23:20, Friday, 26 June, 2020
n a research note obtained by MacRumors, the Barclays analysts said that iPhone 12 models will not come with EarPods in the box, in line with a ...
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White House considers broad Federal Intervention to secure #5G future
20:35, Friday, 26 June, 2020
Trump administration officials have talked about inserting the federal government deep into the private sector to stiffen global competition against ...
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Revealed: Draft list of countries that will be allowed to enter #EU when borders open
13:05, Friday, 26 June, 2020
Locked away in a meeting room in Brussels, officials are debating who will be allowed to enter the EU on July 1 when the bloc's international ...
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Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister says
12:20, Friday, 26 June, 2020
More than 30% of civilian pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses and are not qualified to fly, the country's aviation minister revealed ...
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U.S. issues new indictment against #WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
12:20, Thursday, 25 June, 2020
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sought to recruit hackers at conferences in Europe and Asia to provide his anti-secrecy website with classified ...
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Montenegro Police Arrest Budva Mayor, Disperse Protesters
21:05, Wednesday, 24 June, 2020
From June 17, the mayor and town management have refused to hand over power, despite losing their majority in the local assembly. Armed police ...
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#Apple confirms its intention to abandon Intel processors and move to its own processors on #Mac computers
17:15, Wednesday, 24 June, 2020
For years, Apple has been rumored to be moving away from Intel processors and moving to its own ARM architecture. It has now been proven that these ...
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Georgian Defence Forces sign deal to update transportation fleet with modern trucks
00:45, Wednesday, 24 June, 2020
The Georgian Defence Forces troops will replace their ageing transportation with trucks produced by leading European and American brands, with the ...
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Donald #Trump suspends H-1B, H-4 #visas till year end
20:25, Tuesday, 23 June, 2020
US President Donald Trump has signed an order, temporarily suspending employment-based visas. Trump administration has suspended and limited the ...
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