Terms of use

Terms of use of the materials posted in the website

Guided by the law of the Republic of Armenia “on Copyright and Related Rights” we introduce terms of use of the materials belonging to “Social Media” LLC (hereinafter “Right Holder”) by exclusive copyright.

Materials belonging to the Right Holder include texts, original texts and their translations, videos, photos, graphical and other images, audio-visual materials (hereinafter “Material”) posted or put in MAMUL.am website.
Reproduction, spread, translation, reprocessing, alteration, broadcast, public cable transmission of every Material belonging to the Right Holder or their use by any other means should be done as set out bellow.

The user is obliged to:
1) indicate the name of the website in the title of the material the following way: “MAMUL.am”,
2) include the following in the first paragraph of the text of the material: “MAMUL.am informs about it”,
3) make the word “MAMUL.am” in the above-mentioned text a direct hyperlink to the Material used,
4) keep in secret the core of the Material while reproducing extracts from it,
5) include the sentence “More details from the material in the source” in the Material used, at the same time making the word “source” a direct hyperlink to the Material used,
6) put watermark of the Right Holder’s symbol(s) (name, logo, etc.) in case of using photo(s), graphical image(s) and other visual materials belonging to the Right Holder, moreover, the amount of them should not exceed 3 (three),
7) mention (announce) the name “MAMUL.am” as a source after every report while orally transmitting the Material on TV (including internet) or radio.


The use of the Material with violating any requirement of these terms is considered violation of the Right Holder’s copyright and leads to accountability as provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

The legal defense means of the conditions as provided for by these terms arise from the Civil Code of the RA, the law of the RA “on Copyright and Related Rights” and other legislative and sub legislative acts for regulating the field.

The Right Holder is competent in altering, making amendments to these terms without any private note.