All the jobs AI is coming for, according to a UK study

03:25, Wednesday, 03 January, 2024
All the jobs AI is coming for, according to a UK study

The question of whether AI will eventually take jobs away from us meatbags is nothing new. However, following ChatGPT's launch late last year, the speed at which AI has caught on has surprised almost everybody, even those working in the space. And far from a question to consider in the far-off (or even near-term) future, jobs are already being affected: Some layoffs this year came due to companies believing AI could replace certain roles, while other companies froze hiring for similar reasons.
     So, how do you know if your job is one of the ones at risk? A recent study could give you the answer (and you might not like it). This UK study reveals the jobs "most exposed" to AI—and what that means Assessing the random actions of various companies and getting lost in speculation do us no good. For a substantive and thoughtful discussion on the topic, there is already traditional research ongoing into how AI will affect the job market, including this recent study out of the U.K. The study, developed by the UK's Department for Education, estimates that 10–30% of jobs are automatable with AI—which, depending on your general outlook on AI, may sound like a lot, or less than you'd expect.
     The study investigated the job functions and qualifications for various sectors of the workforce, looking for whether the following ten AI applications could aid in those jobs: Abstract strategy games Real-time video games Image recognition Visual question answering Image generation Reading comprehension Language modeling Translation Speech recognition Instrumental track recognition Depending on how relevant each of these 10 functions were to a particular role, the study generated an AI Occupational Exposure (AIOE) score for the role. The higher the score, the more "exposure" that role may have to artificial intelligence.

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