Affordable Digital Fuel Cards

14:30, Monday, 29 January, 2024
Affordable Digital Fuel Cards

We have already told you what is fuel card. And we’ve told you that while paying with the fuel card you can save in each liter. And now we have come to remind you the answers of important questions.

How does the fuel card work?

Till reaching the filling station you acquire digital fuel card in idplus app and then you can use the amount of liters fully or part by part.

How to buy fuel card?

At first enter the ''Catalog” section in idplus app, click to “fuel cards'', then chose the filling station and decide the amount of the fuel. At the end, you just pay with Idram and the fuel card is ready for use.

How to pay with a fuel card?

In the filling station you inform the employee that you are going to pay with idplus digital fuel card and scan the QR code with idplus app.

Why to pay with a fuel card?

Because you can save up to AMD 10-20 for each liter, in addition, the more the liters, the more savings. The amount of the saving you will see immediately in the price list.

In which filling stations you can pay with the fuel card?

At this moment in Ran Oil, Arm Petrol, Flash, Erebuni. The list is being replenished.

Is it possible to buy fuel card for someone else?

Idplus fuel cards can be shared with friends. You can share them by transferring the card in full or specify how much of your card they can use.

With idplus everyone makes a plus.

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