The Ecuadorian army seized 22 tons of cocaine at a pig farm in Estero Lagarto

23:30, Monday, 22 January, 2024
The Ecuadorian army seized 22 tons of cocaine at a pig farm in Estero Lagarto

About 22 tons of cocaine worth more than a billion US dollars were discovered by soldiers of the Ecuadorian army on a tip from military intelligence on a farm in Los Rios province, the armed forces said in a statement.

""According to the results of the military operation in Estero Lagarto, the following has been recorded at the moment: almost 22 tons of cocaine hydrochloride packed in 733 bags. It is assumed that this material could have been delivered to the markets of Asia, Europe, North and Central America using low-power light aircraft," the Ecuadorian army said in a statement on the social network X. In Chuvashia, about 26 kilograms of mephedrone were seized from a resident of Nizhny Tagil

The military operation was the result of six months of military intelligence work and, according to the army's calculations, caused more than a billion US dollars in damage to drug traffickers. The confiscated shipment is the largest in the country's history.

The UHN TV channel reported in its report that about 150 fighters took part in the army operation. Three camouflaged rooms were found in the basements of a pig farm in the canton of Vinces, to which an underground tunnel led. The designations "Qatar", "Iberia", "Europe", as well as the abbreviations KLM and BA were noticed on the bags of cocaine, one of the soldiers who took part in the operation told reporters.

In 2022, Ecuadorian security forces confiscated a record 210 tons of narcotic substances, most of them cocaine, which was sent to European seaports. Two thirds of these shipments were attempted to be transported in shipments of bananas.One hundred kilograms of cocaine in containers with bananas were seized in St. Petersburg

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