Address of the Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of the Republic of Artsakh Day

09:54, Friday, 02 September, 2022
Address of the Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of the Republic of Artsakh Day

Today there will be no traditional congratulations, festive fireworks or expected joy in Artsakh as it used to be for many years in the past because Artsakh’s independence is imperiled. Artsakh, which for three decades was safeguarded and cherished through the efforts of the entire Armenian nation, has suffered a treacherous heavy blow from behind, and now a considerable part of the victorious, independent, dignified and advancing Republic’s territory has been handed to the enemy.

And as long as the traitorous peace-lovers open our doors for the enemy and do it on behalf of the people in Armenia and Artsakh and make deals behind the back of that very people, conduct negotiations and represent our country, menaces for Artsakh and Armenia, which once was the guarantor of Artsakh’s security, will become more gruesome by day.

Only the removal of those who undermine our state and jeopardize the very existence of our nation can give us a chance to extract the country from this perilous situation, can allow to conduct negotiations with dignity and normalize the relations with the partners. The inability to comprehend this simple truth will be critical for the Republic of Artsakh and Republic of Armenia alike.

Based on this premise, our political team and I personally, our supports and partners have been and will continue to fight against our internal and external enemies.

To be able to celebrate Independence Day again, we must first and foremost erase indifference inside us, erase fear and despair; we must trust our abilities again, we must awake the freedom loving Armenian spirit, we must join the common struggle, we must become a fist again and must defend our right to live in freedom and independence.

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