Local elections are held in 5 communities of Artsakh

12:06, Sunday, 10 April, 2022
Local elections are held in 5 communities of Artsakh

Snap elections to self-government bodies are being held today in Berdashen (the head of the community), Norshen, Tsovategh, Sos, Varanda (the community council members) communities of Martuni region and Aknaberd (the community council members) community of Shahumyan region of the Artsakh Republic.
     From Martuni and Shahumyan TECs of the Artsakh Republic announced the start of the elections to the communities at 8:00 a.m. Elections are being held at 6 polling stations.
     According to police data, 2,550 people are eligible to vote during the snap self-government elections.
     Representatives of four media were accredited to cover the elections.
     The number of voters by community will be published on the official website of the CEC www.cecnkr.am every three hours, starting at 11:00.

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