Aragon will sacrifice 92,700 minks for community transmission on a farm

00:30, Friday, 17 July, 2020
Aragon will sacrifice 92,700 minks for community transmission on a farm

Aragon detects a focus of transmission, but not between humans. The Department of Agriculture has decided sacrifice the minks of the company in La Puebla de Valverde after detecting the spread of the virus among these: “We order to slaughter all the animals on the farm.” The Aragonese Minister of Agriculture and livestock, Joaquín Olona, ​​has assured that the entry and exit of animals from the farm had been prohibited since the animals were immobilized.

The decision, based on the national animal health law, was made on Wednesday night by the administrations involved, according to Olona, ​​who explained that the General Directorate for Food Quality and Health has already proceeded to the farm “precautionary restraint” of the company Secapiel on May 22 when 7 of their workers tested positiveor by covid-19 and they are already “healthy”.

On May 22 the specimens were immobilized and on June 3 the animals were subjected to PCR tests, but all were negative. The situation changed on July 13 when 86.77% of the company’s mink sample proved to be infected. Olona has pointed out that “we have the absolute certainty that Community transmission of the virus is occurring in these animalsHowever, he pointed out that “the Department of Agriculture cannot determine if there is transmission to people, but it is possible that there has been transmission in both directions. It is a working hypothesis. “

“We have to eliminate any risk, because in the absence of certainty, we are not sure that a transmission from this reservoir will not occur,” he said. The authorities clarify that the slaughter of these 92,700 minks will be made “with the maximum guarantees” to avoid any type of risk for the population of Aragon.

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