Lech Wałęsa proposes to dissolve EU

15:30, Friday, 10 May, 2019
Lech Wałęsa proposes to dissolve EU

The Solidarity legend went on record in the Swedish paper “Aftonbladet” saying that the EU should be dissolved and replaced with a new community.

The Swedish paper called his proposal “drastic” and was surprised by it. But Lech Wałęsa has over the years specialised in controversial and sometimes outlandish statements.

His comments on the EU came as he assessed the EU’s current plight. “The EU was formed in totally different conditions to what we have at present. FOr some time now I have been warning Germany and France that the EU will be beyond saving if member states are allowed to move in such different directions. It would then be easier to dissolve the EU in its present form and start again. But they don’t listen to me” said Mr Wałęsa in his interview with “Aftonbladet”.

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