Mickey Mouse Funhouse to feature episode on Armenian feast Vardavar
22:36, Thursday, 29 February, 2024
Mickey Mouse Funhouse is set to feature an episode centered entirely on Vardavar, which will feature the Armenian language, the Armenian Film ...
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Neuralink's first human patient can control mouse through thinking, says Elon Musk
15:24, Tuesday, 20 February, 2024
The first human patient implanted with a brain-chip from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered and is able to control a computer mouse using ...
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Grave of Urartian woman buried with jewelry unearthed in province of Van
22:24, Saturday, 17 February, 2024
Agrave belonging to a noble Urartian woman buried with her jewelry was found at the Çavuştepe Castle in the Gürpınar district of the ...
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A Bronze Age lip-paint from southeastern Iran
20:24, Tuesday, 06 February, 2024
A small chlorite vial, discovered among numerous artifacts looted and recovered in the Jiroft region of Kerman province, southeastern Iran, contains ...
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Apple thinks iOS 18 might be the ‘biggest’ iOS update ever
20:06, Saturday, 03 February, 2024
iOS 18 is slated to be announced at WWDC in June, and it’s shaping up to be a big update with a ton of new artificial intelligence features. ...
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Inside Putin's 'secret country house' on NATO's doorstep
17:18, Friday, 02 February, 2024
Vladimir Putin has built a secret luxury mansion boasting marble floors and a private waterfall in northwestern Russia's republic of Karelia, ...
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Yerevan will unveil the first-ever exhibition of the 'Anahit goddess' statue
12:18, Wednesday, 31 January, 2024
We are thrilled to share the exciting news: through a groundbreaking agreement with the Armenian History Museum and the British Museum, the city of ...
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Elon Musk's Neuralink implants brain chip in first human
10:30, Tuesday, 30 January, 2024
The first human patient has received an implant from brain-chip startup Neuralink on Sunday and is recovering well, the company's billionaire ...
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Handwriting but not typewriting leads to widespread brain connectivity: a high-density EEG study with implications for the classroom
22:36, Friday, 26 January, 2024
As traditional handwriting is progressively being replaced by digital devices, it is essential to investigate the implications for the human brain. ...
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Nokia smartphone brand will soon disappear: Why has it failed to gain a place in the market?
23:48, Thursday, 18 January, 2024
On February 1, 2024, the section with smartphones of this brand will disappear from the official Nokia website. Currently, devices under the Nokia ...
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Rapper handed life sentence for two B.C. murders in case featuring musical confession
00:18, Monday, 15 January, 2024
Under the stage name T-Sav, Tyrel Hieu George Mahoney Nguyen drew on his experiences as a gangster to make music. He may never win a Grammy, but ...
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Looking through the lens of time with the Millennium Camera
22:48, Saturday, 13 January, 2024
Jonathon Keats envisioned the Millennium Camera, seen here peering across the desert landscape toward the Star Pass neighborhood West of Tumamoc ...
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Armenian Teni Melidonian appointed Chief Oscars Officer
11:24, Thursday, 11 January, 2024
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has appointed Teni Melidonian to the newly created position of Chief Oscars Officer, Deadline ...
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What climate scientists are predicting for the globe in 2024?
23:48, Tuesday, 09 January, 2024
The internationally agreed threshold to prevent the Earth from spiraling into a new superheated era will be “passed for all practical ...
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6 things you never want to do to your washing machine
17:31, Sunday, 07 January, 2024
Toss messy, icky, stained clothes into a washing machine, and after a short wash cycle, you expect them to come out perfect. Most of the time this ...
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All the jobs AI is coming for, according to a UK study
03:25, Wednesday, 03 January, 2024
The question of whether AI will eventually take jobs away from us meatbags is nothing new. However, following ChatGPT's launch late last year, the ...
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New record: Most consecutive pull ups on a bar positioned between two moving trucks - 44 by Grigor Manukyan
12:18, Tuesday, 19 December, 2023
Guinness World Records's post on X: " New record: Most consecutive pull ups on a bar positioned between two moving trucks - 44 by Grigor Manukyan ...
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Eduard Ghahramanyan, father of Reuters freelance photographer David Ghahramanyan, reacts as they leave Nagorno-Karabakh region
21:24, Friday, 08 December, 2023
Eduard Ghahramanyan, father of Reuters freelance photographer David Ghahramanyan, reacts as they leave Nagorno-Karabakh region with other family ...
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Napoleon's Hat Sells for Record Sum at French Auction
21:36, Sunday, 19 November, 2023
A hat belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte when he was French emperor sold for a record of nearly two million euros at a French auction on Sunday, the ...
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The IDFA Award for Best Film goes to 1489 by Shoghakat Vardanyan
23:48, Saturday, 18 November, 2023
The IDFA Award for Best Film goes to 1489 by Shoghakat Vardanyan.The jury: "A film that acts as a piercing light that makes visible the vast hidden ...
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‘Devil-like figure’ uncovered in 230-year-old painting after restoration
23:30, Monday, 13 November, 2023
A “devil-like figure” featured in a painting by a renowned artist that’s more than 230 years old has been rediscovered after a ...
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Doctors complete first successful face and whole-eye transplant
13:18, Friday, 10 November, 2023
This week doctors announced they had completed the first successful transplant of a partial face and an entire eye. In May at NYU Langone Health in ...
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What Are The Monumental Uratrian-Era Structures Unearthed At Garibin Tepe In Van?
21:24, Sunday, 10 September, 2023
A group of impressive monumental ancient structures have been unearthed by archaeologists excavating at Garibin Tepe in Van, Turkey. Scientists say ...
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Konstantin Tserazov: five signs that it's time to end the relationship
12:18, Wednesday, 30 August, 2023
Sometimes love really “runs out of battery”, and the relationship turns into some kind of vicious circle - and everything seems to be ...
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Konstantin Tserazov: five steps to control jealousy
21:12, Tuesday, 29 August, 2023
Jealousy is like a river - everything is fine as long as it stays in the channel, but overflowing, this "river" can cause a lot of trouble. How to ...
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Serena Williams gives birth to second child
12:00, Wednesday, 23 August, 2023
Serena Williams has given birth to her second daughter, her husband announced Tuesday, adding that both were “happy & healthy” after ...
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Apple was testing an orange iPhone 15, but these are probably the final colors
00:24, Wednesday, 23 August, 2023
With the iPhone 15 being less than a month from being announced, a reputable leaker has shared the different colors Apple tested for this ...
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Lion named Ruben going home
09:30, Friday, 11 August, 2023
On December 4th, 2022, FPWC rescued a lion named Ruben from a former zoo in the Republic of Artsakh. Since the start of his stay at the zoo, Ruben ...
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Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov: how to end a relationship
15:12, Wednesday, 09 August, 2023
Sometimes breaking up is the only way to resolve the accumulated problems in a relationship. Making such a decision is not always easy, but even ...
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Konstantin Tserazov: five signs that your relationship will last a long time
17:42, Monday, 24 July, 2023
The beginning of a relationship is always a period of romance. At this stage, everyone lives in the hope that the romance will be happy. But how do ...
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