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Press review

Life in Armenia has grown 12.9% more expensive compared to 2011

09:48, Thursday, 02 February, 2012
Life in Armenia has grown 12.9% more expensive compared to 2011
     ''Haykakan Zhamanak'': In a report covering the National Statistical Service’s recent findings on the price surge in Armenia, the paper says such trend is conditioned by the situation on the domestic market.
Citing the report unveiled on Wednesday, it says life in Armenia has grwown 12.9% more expensive compared to 2011, with the prices being up to 3.6% (the highest record in the past seven years).
Referring further to the findings, the paper says that vegetables and potatoes sell for an 11% higher price compared to 2011, while the prices on fruits, fish and meat have increased by 25%, 10% and 3,2%, respectively.
“It is very hard to say how far the prices can go up; it is hard even to imagine. But the the Central Bank’s official records saying that the price growth has nothing to do with people’s purchasing power is really noteworthy. On the contrary, purchasing power has not absolutely grown up,” the paper comments. “The same central Bank officially says that the price surge is not conditioned by the foreign market impact. That’s to say, in countries which import products do not face inflation, which means the surge on Armenia’s market is caused by domestic factors.”
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