Book Giving Day in Khnko Aper Library. IDBank

17:54, Tuesday, 20 February, 2024
Book Giving Day in Khnko Aper Library. IDBank

The Book Giving day with IDBank took place in a thematic environment: in the library named after Khnko Aper, the Bank organized a reading of a fairy tale for the children of Artsakh.

On February 19th, on the occasion of Book Giving Day, IDBank organized a reading of a fairy tale for children forcibly displaced from Artsakh. Idram Junior also came to the event, bringing surprise gifts for the children with him.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, the Head of the Bank's Communication Unit, they wanted to make the Book Giving Day special for children. “Nowadays, the book and reading need PR, and we could not miss the opportunity to talk about the book and its importance once again. On the occasion of the book giving holiday we decided to organize a small celebration for our younger friends who were displaced from Artsakh, and in our opinion, reading a fairy tale was the best choice, especially since Idram Junior joined us and gave the children happy moments. We are also grateful to the library named after Khnko Aper for cooperating with us so willingly, and of course thanks to Arpi Maghakyan for giving the children magical moments”, says Tatevik Vardevanyan.

The author himself, Arpi Maghakyan, read the fairy tale for the children. “I hope that we managed to cut off the children from everyday life and transport them to the world of a fairy tale. This day is always special for schoolchildren, and we decided to become a part of their holiday,” says Arpi Maghakyan. The children listened with great enthusiasm to the fairy tale directly from the author, actively participating in the process, answering questions and interacting with the author, and at the end they also received the author's book as a gift.

By the way, on the occasion of the opening of the 20th youth exhibition in Yerevan, twelve children were recognized as the best readers of 2023 by the Khnko Aper Library, receiving certificates and prizes from the library. And Idram Junior did not come empty-handed, and the young winners also received prizes from him.


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