Eastern Partnership Foreign Affairs Ministerial meeting, 11 December 2023

19:18, Thursday, 07 December, 2023
Eastern Partnership Foreign Affairs Ministerial meeting, 11 December 2023

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) ministerial meeting will bring together EU foreign ministers and their counterparts from five of the six Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine), under the chairmanship of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. EU Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi will also participate in the meeting, which will start at 18:00, following the end of the December Foreign Affairs Council.

Ministers will exchange views on the Eastern Partnership, take stock of its achievements and identify concrete recommendations for the future of the policy.

At the meeting, ministers will address (1) how the Eastern Partnership can continue to ensure that the needs of member states and partner countries are met, (2) what should be the key priorities of joint work in 2024, (3) how to accelerate the delivery of the Economic and Investment Plan for the Eastern Partnership and (4) how to increase cooperation with regions such as Central Asia and the Western Balkans and synergies with other regional policies such as the Black Sea Synergy.

Ministers will aim to solidify commitment on concrete deliverables for 2024, notably in the area of regional roaming, road safety and transport.

Ministers will also be addressed by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

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