AraratBank joins Himq Support Foundation

12:36, Thursday, 16 November, 2023
AraratBank joins Himq Support Foundation

Earlier in September, AraratBank decided to join Himq Support Foundation to assist our countrymen forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

AraratBank’s staff did not stand aside and committed themselves to making monthly transfers from their salaries to the special account - Supporting Artsakh Armenians - opened with AraratBank. The funds donated by the employees are regularly allotted to Himq Support Foundation account to take care of the critical needs of Artsakh Armenians.

Now it is also possible to send money through AraratMobile app. You need to log in, click Transfer, choose Supporting Artsakh Armenians and transfer money to the Fund's accounts in local or foreign currency:

AMD: 1510019628458463

USD: 1510016530220294

EUR: 1510016936976991

RUB: 1510012517287202

The management of AraratBank has decided to transfer the funds intended for Christmas corporate gifts for partners and customers to Himq Support Foundation, as well as to cancel the annual New Year event, donating these funds to the Foundation.

As of November 14, 2023, over 1,340 beneficiaries have been provided with food and basic necessities, over 330 beneficiaries have received partial compensation for rentals, and about 3,500 beneficiaries have been registered and are undergoing evaluation processes.

Himq Support Foundation was established in September 2023, basing itself on the principle of securing the well-being and dignity of countrymen forcibly displaced from Artsakh. The Fund aims not only to address priority needs of Artsakh Armenians, but also to help them get back on their feet to provide for themselves in the future.

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