Azerbaijan destroys Halevor Bridge of Karabakh

11:42, Thursday, 15 June, 2023
Azerbaijan destroys Halevor Bridge of Karabakh

Halivor or Halevor bridge is located 2 km south-west of Mets Tagher village of Hadrut region, on Ishkhanaget. It was built in 1835 according to the 7-line surviving construction inscription engraved on the stone attached to the front of the bridge.
     It is one of the six bridges built by Ishkhanaget և on its tributaries, four of which are intact.
     The Halivor Bridge looks like the Green Belt of the Prince. In fact, this zone connects the area of Mets Tagher with the area of Tumi village over the river. The single-arched, semi-cylindrical bridge connects the rocky ravines. It is 20 meters long, 3 meters wide and 9 meters high. The width of the arch opening is 9 meters.
     The semi-fake construction protocol is found in the protocol attached to the north-western wall, where it is written: "my bridge is in memory to Haru/Til, son of Gev / which I built in memory of parents, whoever passes by / may God have bless on them, /RMZD /1835/". It should be noted that this bridge differs from the others in its structure and position. Depending on the location, the new bridge was built in such a way that the bridge over the Mets Tagher was about two meters below the opposite side. It is made of large, small fragments of quartz, with strong lime mortar.

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