Netanyahu: 'Stop Iran's nuclear aim and peacewith neighbours'

23:06, Thursday, 29 December, 2022
Netanyahu: 'Stop Iran's nuclear aim and peacewith neighbours'

The new Israeli government has three main objectives it wishes to achieve in the long term: the neutralization of Iran's efforts to become a nuclear power; the development of national infrastructures, among these a railway between Galilee and Eilat for high speed trains and the extension of the Abraham Accords with Arab countries to put an end to the conflict in the region. This is what the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated today before the Knesset at the swearing in ceremony of the new government, entering a record sixth term himself as Israeli leader.

In terms of foreign policy, it will initially be the responsibility of Ely Cohen (Likud), former Minister of Intelligence. However, in a year's time it will be Israel Katz's (Likud) turn to serve in that role, former Minister of Foreign Affairs. After two years, Cohen will resume his role as Foreign Affairs Minister until the end of the legislature.

The debate is taking place in a highly charged atmosphere, between the clapping and the slogans of opposition members of the Knesset.

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