Who are the Azerbaijani “environmental activist leaders” who blocked the Artsakh-Armenia road?

21:42, Wednesday, 14 December, 2022
Who are the Azerbaijani “environmental activist leaders” who blocked the Artsakh-Armenia road?

The Azerbaijani "environmental activist leaders" who blocked the Artsakh-Armenia road are directly financed by the Azerbaijani government or organizations affiliated with the authorities.

This conclusion was reached by the working group established at the Tatoyan Foundation for Law and Justice, after subjecting to a professional analysis the factual data regarding the Azerbaijani eco-activist leaders who blocked the Artsakh-Armenia road.

According to that, the organizations of people representing "environmental activist leaders" are financed by the government of Azerbaijan, in some cases, by the Heydar Aliyev Fund headed by the first vice president and first lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva.

In addition, the analyzes show that the Azerbaijani "environmentalist activist leaders" who blocked the Artsakh-Armenia road spread information and photos about the Aliyev family on their social media pages, spreading anti-Armenian and hateful posts and propaganda. But the main issue is that they provide the Azerbaijani government policy.

Just one example: Telman Qasimov, who is one of the leaders of the "action", calls out in Armenian at the road closure site, exhorts them to live together, but on his Facebook social network page, he proudly posts photos of Azerbaijani soldiers who trampled the flag of Armenia and Artsakh, and rejoices at the loss of life on the Armenian side. The facts prove that he is an Armenian-hater military serviceman, according to reliable sources, an officer of the military special intelligence service, who also actively promotes the belligerent statements of the President of Azerbaijan.

He openly shows his connection with the terrorist-nationalist group Gray Wolves in his pictures on social networks, he publishes a photo of pride with Ramil Safarov, who killed the Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan with an ax while he was sleeping and was sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary.

In case of the other "leaders" of the action, we recorded a similar picture, the real information about which is in the photos.

Therefore, it is absolutely true to claim that blocking the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia and isolating Artsakh does not have any environmental purpose.

It is part of Azerbaijan's criminal policy of blocking Artsakh Armenians, isolating them from the outside world, another attempt to suppress the absolute legitimate right of self-determination of Artsakh Armenians in absolute violation of international rules.

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