Canada announces new military aid package for Ukraine

21:00, Wednesday, 12 October, 2022
Canada announces new military aid package for Ukraine

Ukraine will receive a new $47 million military aid package from Canada.

Anita Anand, Canadian Defense Minister, announced this at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The package will include winter clothing, artillery shells, and communication technologies.

In particular, Ukraine will receive 500 thousand units of winter uniforms and equipment.

“$15 million was allocated to purchase equipment necessary during winter – hats, gloves, boots, parkas (a type of winter jacket) – this is what Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline will need. We will purchase them from Canadian suppliers. An additional $15 million will be allocated to procure cameras for drones,” she announced. “With regard to communications and satellite communications, we will supply Ukraine with two million dollars for four satellites in partnership with Telesat (Canadian satellite operator. – Ed.) This will allow Ukraine to effectively maintain ties with its European and North American partners,” added the Head of the Canadian defense department.

Also, Ottawa decided to satisfy the request of Kyiv and supply additional 155mm artillery systems. However, their amount was not specified.

Anand assured that the new batch of assistance will arrive in Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, Canada announced that it would send 40 more sappers to Poland in the coming weeks to help the Polish armed forces conduct mine clearance training for Ukrainians.

In addition, the Canadian government announced that it would support the reception centers for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Since February 2022, Canada has provided Ukraine with artillery and drones, funded satellite reconnaissance, and other items.

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