All Russia-based TV channels banned in Latvia

16:00, Monday, 06 June, 2022
All Russia-based TV channels banned in Latvia

NEPLP President Ivars Āboliņš told LETA that the decision was taken on the basis of the newly adopted Electronic Mass Media law amendments, which stipulate that channels registered in a country threatening the territorial integrity and independence of another country should not be operational in Latvia.

The decision will remain in force until Russia stops its war in Ukraine and returns the territory of Crimea to Ukraine.

The channels will disappear from Latvia's information space on June 9. After the cessation of hostilities, programs will theoretically be able to return to broadcasting in Latvia, Āboliņš said on Twitter.

The banned channels include, for example, the TV program “E TV”, “Иллюзион +”, “Кино24”, “Мир ТВ”, “Охота и”, “Перец!”, “Русский Иллюзион” and others.

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