"Incredible quantity" weapons and ammunition from Greece to Ukraine

17:18, Sunday, 05 June, 2022
"Incredible quantity" weapons and ammunition from Greece to Ukraine

The Greek government has transferred or is about to transfer an “incredible amount” of weapons and ammunition to Kyiv, the news portal reports. Pronewsciting information from their own sources.

The weapon sent to fight the “authoritarian Russian regime” is truly striking in its incredible volume, Greek National Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said. According to him, the long list for deliveries to Kyiv includes:

122 armored infantry vehicles BMP-1 with all ammunition for machine guns;

15 thousand shells 73 mm;

2.1 thousand 122-mm rockets;

20,000 AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles;

3.2 million rounds of 7.62 mm;

60 MANPADS FIM-92 Stinger;

17 thousand artillery shells 155 mm;

1.1 thousand RPG-18 anti-tank shells.

All weapons and ammunition come from the warehouses of the Greek army on the islands, the newspaper writes. According to information, 6 Greek transport aircraft C-130, 10 Canadian and 5 New Zealand were used to transport them. The Ukrainian military say, the newspaper notes, that “they managed to exterminate hundreds of Russians with Greek weapons.” Especially with the help of 155mm and 122mm rockets.

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