Armen Sarkissian addressed a message to Biden

14:48, Monday, 13 September, 2021
Armen Sarkissian addressed a message to Biden

Armen Sarkissian, the president of the Republic of Armenia addressed a message to Joseph Biden, the president of the United States on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack in the USA. It is particularly said in the message: ''20 years have passed since 9/11 terrorist attack in the US. More than 3000 innocent people were killed, among them Armenian Americans, and more than 10000 got injured. Our hearts are still full of pain for the innocent victims, and our prayers are with those alive and their families. Armenia strongly condemns all the manifestations of terrorism and the violation of human values. We stand beside the nation of America in defense of the ideas of freedom and peace. Throughout the history suffering and tragedies have been the destiny of our country, we know how unbearable that pain can be. We are convinced that we can fight against terrorism and evil, standing jointly with all of the civilized nations. Terrorism and other dangerous activities should not exist in our world. Armenia has already showed its readiness to support that international struggle. The common history, values and beliefs are a strong basis for strengthening relationships and deepening cooperation between both countries. Armenian-American relationships have always been based on mutual respect, common ideas and the strong belief in a more prosperous future''.

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