#Tesla #cars rank lowest among major automakers in influential customer survey

20:20, Friday, 26 June, 2020
#Tesla #cars rank lowest among major automakers in influential customer survey

Tesla cars have scored the worst among 32 major automakers in an influential survey of customers released by research group J.D. Power, highlighting previously raised concerns that Tesla may be cutting corners in manufacturing to meet aggressive production targets. Last year, CNBC reported that Tesla’s employees were being pressured to take shortcuts to hit aggressive Model 3 production goals, including making fast fixes to plastic housings with electrical tape, working through harsh conditions and skipping previously required vehicle tests. The company had set up a temporary open-air tent factor to meet CEO Elon Musk’s aggressive target of producing 6,000 units of the Model 3 per week. Despite complaints, the carmaker has previously dismissed complaints about quality by citing its internal data and saying that it takes customer feedback seriously and is quick to address issues. Despite this, multiple Tesla customers have taken their complaints to Twitter, in an attempt to grab the attention of Musk, who is an active user on the platform.

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