Inecobank introduces new update

14:25, Wednesday, 21 August, 2019
Inecobank introduces new update

Inecobank continues expanding the list of services provided through online and mobile channels and this time introduces "Transfer Card" new feature.

InecoOnline and InecoMobile users can make card-to-card and account-to-card transfers to the cards issued by the banks affiliating ArCa processing center. They need to login into the InecoOnline or InecoMobile, scan or fill in the card details and input the amount. The amount will be transferred to the recipient card account within seconds.

Introducing the new opportunity, Aren Naltakyan, Marketing and Development Director of Inecobank, noted: "Inecobank, for over 23 years of its history, has always prioritized the quality and availability of customer service, thus staying true to our slogan, which is valuein the time of our customers. We are constantly improving and expanding the quality and range of our services. Every new update is designed to improve the customer experience, ensure availability and provide convenience.”

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