Tigranakert: The charm of the big city

19:55, Monday, 19 August, 2019
Tigranakert: The charm of the big city

Tigranakert's 2019 excavations are coming to an end.
     In the pictures: a new section of the northern fortifiaid wall, the second antique quarter, the Early Christian square, the sepulchre-reliquary in Tisitsar.
     Thank you to the great team of the big city: Ines Karapetyan, Lyuba Kirakosyan, Vardges Safaryan, Tatyana Vardanesova, Armine Gabrielyan, Nzhdeh Yeranyan, Ruben Hovsepyan, Hamazasap Abrahamyan, Arshaluys Mkrtchyan.

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