Talks to resolve Venezuela crisis end without agreement

15:05, Thursday, 30 May, 2019
Talks to resolve Venezuela crisis end without agreement

A meeting between the Venezuelan government and the opposition to resolve the country’s deep political crisis ended without agreement on Wednesday, the opposition said, although negotiators left the door open to further talks.

Representatives of the government of Nicolás Maduro met envoys sent by opposition leader Juan Guaidó to Oslo. Unlike a meeting held in Norway’s capital earlier this month, the two sides met face to face.

“This meeting ended without agreement,” Mr Guaidó’s team said in a statement afterwards. “We thank the government of Norway for its willingness to contribute to a solution to the chaos that our country is suffering.”

The Maduro government did not comment on the outcome of the talks. The Norwegians said earlier in the day that both sides had shown willingness to reach a deal.

Mr Maduro and Mr Guaidó have been locked in a power struggle since the start of the year, when the opposition leader declared himself Venezuela’s interim president, arguing that Mr Maduro had usurped power on the basis of bogus elections.

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