Success starts with time management and planning. Ralph Yirikian

10:05, Tuesday, 16 October, 2018
Success starts with time management and planning. Ralph Yirikian

How important are management tools and how to use them for achieving success? What is the role of ethics and responsible attitude in the management chain? What should be the value system of a company to ensure a healthy working atmosphere for the employees to deliver best results?

The history of VivaCell-MTS, Armenia’s leading telecommunications company, continues to serve as a source of knowledge for students of different universities. This time it was the future marketing professionals and students specializing in business processes who tried to dive deeper into the subject of management opportunities. Over 250 students participated in the lecture delivered by Ralph Yirikian.

“There are numerous management tools. One must be flexible in choosing and applying them. Theoretically, it is not so difficult, but in practice, it requires long-term strategic assessment, and based on this – strategy development and implementation. It includes uniting the staff around commonly-shared value system and applying of effective management toolkit. Here’s is how a civilized corporate culture is introduced, including business ethics as its important component. In the core are respect, healthy work environment and consistency. Equally important is the ability to review one’s approach, if necessary,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

This format of meetings is an important platform for future professionals to acquire knowledge on the example of a leading company, analyze this information and use it in the future. Through the question and answer session, the participants of the lecture had an opportunity to understand the specifics of responsible model of management.

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