3-year-old rushed to hospital after playing with popular toy – now mom wants to warn people

00:05, Wednesday, 04 April, 2018
3-year-old rushed to hospital after playing with popular toy – now mom wants to warn people

Playing with makeup is a favourite pastime of almost all girls. From a very young age we see our mothers using makeup, and therefore want to use it to make ourselves beautiful (more beautiful). We, of course, want to imitate them.

But is makeup harmless for our daughters? Well it seems that’s not the case. Not completely so, anyway. The case of one little girl is now doing the viral rounds on the internet – her mother wants to send a warning for other parents.Lydia Cravens is rightly outraged and concerned. She wants all mothers and fathers to know exactly why.

She gave her 3-year-old daughter a makeup set so that the girl could play with it. After having applied the makeup to her face, however, the girl’s skin reacted in a most disturbing way.

The mother has now explained in a Facebook post what happened:

“About 8 days ago we bought this makeup set from the Family Dollar here in town.. Thinking it was harmless ..non toxic .. kids make up set and having bought Lydia this same type of thing .. just different brand …we never imagined after spending the day applying to her eyes and lips that our worst nightmare would come true..”

The product in question had caused a severe allergic reaction. A rash erupted all over her daughter’s body and her lips cracked and became sore. After taking the girl to hospital, Lydia was told she would have to stay there to be monitored.

She couldn’t eat for several days and had to be treated for more than a week while she recovered.

According to Lydia’s Facebook post, the children’s beauty set that she purchased contained six chemicals that are known to cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin.

Now Lydia wants to warn other parents over the hidden dangers.

“PLEASE be aware of what you are letting your babies have… ESPECIALLY kids cosmetics…. so this doesn’t happen to your child…”

The mother has also published a photo of the makeup set that brought this misery upon her family:

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