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Travel chaos as Catalan strike demands leaders' release

16:30, Wednesday, 08 November, 2017
Travel chaos as Catalan strike demands leaders' release
     Protesters blocked roads and train lines across Catalonia on Wednesday during a strike called by a pro-independence group after several separatist leaders were detained in Madrid over their divisive secession drive.
     More than 50 routes including major motorways were cut, causing widespread disruption in the region, which has been plunged into uncertainty over its now-deposed government's bid to split from Spain.
     The crisis has shaken a European Union still getting to grips with Britain's shock decision to leave and raised fears of social unrest and prolonged disruption to the eurozone's fourth economy.Huge banners were draped across at least one tunnel in Barcelona, blocking entry and activists also cut off main roads linking the region of 7.5 million people to France and to the Spanish capital.
     "Warning. Big problems at the heart of the commuter train system due to an invasion of people and objects on the tracks," Rodalies de Catalunya, which manages commuter trains in the region, said on Twitter.
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