White House: Zelensky isn't asking for US troops in Ukraine

09:48, Wednesday, 06 March, 2024
White House: Zelensky isn't asking for US troops in Ukraine

The United States will not send troops to fight on the ground in Ukraine, nor has President Volodymyr Zelensky asked for such assistance, U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said at a White House press briefing March 5. French President Emmanuel Macron caused an outcry among Western allies when he said on Feb. 26 that the possibility of deploying troops to Ukraine could not "be ruled out," prompting many leaders to insist they would never consider such a measure. "There’s not going to be U.S. troops on the ground fighting inside Ukraine," Kirby told reporters, speaking on behalf of U.S. President Joe Biden. "And you know what? President Zelensky isn’t asking for that. He's just asking for the tools and capabilities. He’s never asked for foreign troops to fight for his country." Kirby again urged lawmakers to pass the supplemental funding package currently tied up in Congress. The bill would provide $61 billion in military aid, support desperately needed by Ukrainian troops facing ammunition shortages on the front line.

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