Orban repeats that Ukraine will not win war

17:30, Friday, 27 October, 2023
Orban repeats that Ukraine will not win war

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán once again has stated that the EU's strategy for the Russian-Ukrainian war has failed, and Ukraine will not win on the battlefield. "Today, everyone knows, but does not dare to say, that this strategy (EU strategy – " the Ukrainians must win, the Russians must lose" – ed.) has failed. Orbán stated that "Ukraine will not win at the front, the Russians will not lose at the front"; therefore, a "plan B" is needed. He also believes that there should be changes in the next European elections because the current leaders "cannot cope with this problem". In recent days, Orbán has come under criticism from EU colleagues because of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing. However, Orbán said he had no plans to apologise for it. During the meeting, the Hungarian Prime Minister called the war launched by Russia against Ukraine a "military operation". Kaya Kallas, Estonian Prime Minister, said that at the EU summit on 26 October, other countries called on the leaders of Hungary and Slovakia, who do not want further military support for Ukraine, to think about the consequences of their suggestions.

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