India considers sending Armenia more weapons

23:06, Thursday, 26 October, 2023
India considers sending Armenia more weapons

India is mulling over supplying a fresh batch of military equipment to Armenia, its strategic ally in Caucasus, after the successful delivery of the first batch of weapons over the past year.

A senior Armenian official visited Delhi recently and held discussions in this regard, said people with knowledge of the matter. India has emerged as a credible weapons supplier as per Armenia's requirements, they said. The last consignment sent by India to Armenia included Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, rockets and ammunition. The supply of weapons was reportedly made through Iran, which shares historical ties with Armenia. Azerbaijan had launched a protest following the supplies.

Earlier this year India, Iran and Armenia had formed a trilateral to explore the transport corridor. During a meeting in Yerevan in April, the three sides discussed economic projects and regional communication channels, outlined the prospects of deepening cultural and people-to-people contacts as well as trilateral cooperation in various fields. They had then decided to "continue consultations" in the format. The trilateral meeting also discussed the use of the International North-South Transpor.

Azerbaijan's use of drones is a key reason why Armenia has been purchasing the Pinaka system, since its "shoot and scoot" capability enables it to escape counter-battery fire. Its low cost and simplicity of use also make it an ideal weapons system for Armenia. The Armenian army can easily become familiar with this system as it is accustomed to using the Russian-made GRAD system.

New weapons brought to Armenia are currently being tested by the Armenian military and the results are "very satisfactory", the chairman of Armenia's parliamentary committee on defence and security affairs, Andranik Kocharyan, recently stated without naming India.

"Our news media, our people are discussing all day long what weapons were brought, from what country, where it was tested. The relevant division of the defence ministry is also testing this weaponry, and the tests are very sati.

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