“The Power of One Dram” and the “Hayordi” camp - for Artsakh

14:00, Tuesday, 03 October, 2023
“The Power of One Dram” and the “Hayordi” camp - for Artsakh

IDBank and Idram sum up the results of the September program “The Power of One Dram” and announce the name of the next month’s beneficiary.

The beneficiary of the “Power of One Dram” initiative in September was the educational program “Hayq to the world”, to which companies donated AMD 3,397,784. The goal of the project was to create an opportunity for the youth of Artsakh to receive appropriate digital education, and then, while living in Artsakh, to work remotely in international organizations.

However, considering the forced resettlement of our compatriots from Artsakh and the impossibility of their residence in Artsakh, the program will be implemented with some changes, considering the needs of the beneficiaries of the program. According to the head of the “Hayq to the World” project, Marina Malkhasyan, the project’s working group is in constant contact with the youth of Artsakh and has already met with a group of young people coordinating the project in Artsakh. “Our goal at this time is to conduct a needs assessment and ensure that the basic life-sustaining needs of our beneficiaries are met. After the successful completion of this stage, when young people do not need any humanitarian support, we will return to the implementation of the educational program, because the most important thing for all of us at the moment is to provide them with work, and thanks to our educational program they will have the opportunity to find jobs more easily, to work both in Armenia and remotely - in international companies. We will provide support in this matter,” added Marina Malkhasyan.

The entire amount of “The Power of One Dram” for October will be donated to the “Hayordi” camp, which sheltered under its roof the families of victims of the Artsakh wars.

According to the coordinator of the “Hayordi” camp, Vache Vardanyan, more than 100 people forcibly displaced from Artsakh were accommodated in the camp. The beneficiaries are family members of deceased servicemen: mothers, wives and children. Families will be provided with comprehensive services: a separate room with all amenities, three meals a day, a full needs assessment, psychological support, entertainment for children, advanced training and knowledge courses, employment support.

Vache Vardanyan says: “We will also try to provide people with more than just psychological support. We will try to reintegrate people into life and help them overcome this difficult moment. There will be mobile stations that will go to different settlements of Armenia and will try to find and provide comprehensive services to the families of people who died or are missing, as well as pregnant women,” says Vache.

According to the head of public relations of the Idram&IDBank platform Tatevik Vardevanyan, the October amount will be used to meet the priority needs of our compatriots from Artsakh. Idram company shareholder Lala Bakhshetsyan and IDBank shareholder Vartan Dilanyan today strive to support our compatriots as much as possible, and not only “The Power of One Dram” program will serve this goal. Companies have already taken certain measures to support our compatriots from Artsakh, and this process will be lengthy.

You too can join this important cause and contribute your share to support our compatriots. To do this, you simply need to make all payments using the Idram&IDBank application, Idram.am and IDBanking.am websites or company terminals.


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