The Italian Embassy advised citizens to leave Russia

21:06, Thursday, 29 September, 2022
The Italian Embassy advised citizens to leave Russia

The Italian Embassy in Moscow recommended that its citizens evaluate the need to stay in Russia and, if not, leave the country. The message is posted on the website of the embassy.

The embassy drew attention to the difficulties with air and road communication from Russia.

“Flights from Russia to Italy and third countries are becoming increasingly difficult. In particular, these days there has been an increase in the already high cost of tickets sold by airlines, and there are reports of long queues at some border points connecting Russia with neighboring countries.”
     Those who want to leave Russia should purchase tickets as soon as possible, the appeal emphasizes.

Earlier, the embassies of the United States, Poland and Bulgaria advised their citizens to leave Russia.

A multi-kilometer traffic jam formed at the Russian-Georgian border checkpoint Upper Lars a day after the announcement of mobilization, The Insider published a video from the copter. The queue of cars and people continues to grow, now there is a humanitarian catastrophe. Russian armored personnel carriers arrived at the border with Georgia, the authorities explained that this was “in case the reservists want to break through the checkpoint without completing any border formalities to leave the country.”

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