Best Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers

15:42, Friday, 23 September, 2022
Best Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers

A tester is one of those IT specialties that are now becoming available to many people. Performance tester jobs are needed in many companies because regardless of their profile in IT development, it is necessary to test the product. Also, a tester is considered one of the easiest professions to enter IT, and everyone who dreams of becoming a serious professional over time starts with it. We collected the questions that are most often asked in interviews with candidates for this position. For convenience, manual testing interview questions and answers for experienced are divided by complexity.

Entry level
     What is software testing, and is there a standard that regulates it?

Testing is a process in which it is determined how the product meets the requirements put forward to it. This is a test of the product for compliance with the requirements. Testing is governed by the ANSI/IEEE 1059 standard.

What are the definitions of verification and validation?

Verification is a process that includes creating demos, reviewing feedback, and inspecting to ensure that the software or application conforms to the requirements stated in the specification.

The validation process confirms that the product functions without failure.

Define black box and white box methods

The white box method means testing the code by the developers themselves at all stages of its writing. Black box testing refers to testing from the user's perspective when the software or application is ready to go.

Intermediate level
     If there are no specific requirements for a product, can it be tested?

Yes. If a tester doesn't even have a specification at hand, they can test the product based on their assumptions. The results, just like with regular testing, are recorded and added to the report.

Do I need to test the updated module at the production stage?

Other modules need to be tested. The quality engineer must check the whole product after the module upgrade.

How to determine the percentage of error detection?

It is necessary to determine the ratio of those errors that were identified during the testing process and subsequently corrected to those errors that were identified by the end user.

How to determine the average age of a defect?

It is necessary to determine the time that has passed from the discovery of a defect to the moment when the developer closed it. That is, fixing a bug is not the endpoint for the age of the bug, but rather the moment it is closed.

Many tools allow automated testing, which one do you use?

Just list the services that you use most often. After clarification, you can name additional tools.

How is a bug leak different from a release?

A leak is when the project team did not notice an error while working on it, but the user noticed the defect. A release is a bug that is not fixed and the product comes out with it, because it does not affect the work, and the fix can take a long time or be expensive.

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