Taiwan transferred 800 Revolver 860 short-range bombers to Ukraine – Bild

21:00, Thursday, 25 August, 2022
Taiwan transferred 800 Revolver 860 short-range bombers to Ukraine – Bild

Taiwan-made Revolver 860 combat drones are reportedly being used by Ukrainian forces amid the ongoing war against Russia. The Revolver 860 Armed VTOL UAVs have been sold to Poland and subsequently sent to Ukraine, Taiwan News reported. The development comes amid the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine which continues for more than 160 days.

A representative for drones manufacturer DronesVision told Taiwan News that the company sends military equipment to Poland and it cannot make a statement regarding where these firms further send the drones and cited the "non-discloser agreements" with its clients. The DronesVision representative made the statement in response to a question regarding 800 Revolver 8660 drones being sent for Ukrainian forces. The company's spokesperson stated that the customers in Poland have purchased all the UAV military equipment.
     Purchase of drones increased after war started: DronesVision representative
     Furthermore, the representative underscored that the purchase of drones increased shortly after Russian military aggression started on 24 February. The DronesVision representative claimed that the shipments of their products have not been sent directly to Ukraine due to the ongoing war between Moscow and Kyiv, as per the news report. Notably, Taiwan-made Revolver 860 combat drones can carry up to eight 60-millimetre mortar rounds and up to 42 kilograms of payload. The Revolver 860 drones can fly for 20 to 40 minutes based on their weight and the speed of the wind.

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