The arresed prosectutor is the nephiew of the Catholicos

12:42, Friday, 10 June, 2022
The arresed prosectutor is the nephiew of the Catholicos

Today the Central Prosecutor's Office of the RA issued a statement, informing that the deputy prosecutor of Shengavit has been arrested in the case of bribery. According to "Hraparak" information, the arrested prosecutor K.N is Koryun Nersisyan, is the nephiew of Garegin B catholicos. Let's remind that as a result of large-scale operative-investigative measures undertaken by the National Security Service in cooperation with the RA Prosecutor's Office factual data have been received that deputy prosecutor of Shengavit administrative district of Yerevan K. N., being an official, received a special bribe of 2.500.000 AMD with the help and mediation of G.G. and N.A. for using his positional post for imposing a mild punishment for the defendant of First Court of Instance of Armavir region.
     By the decision of the Acting Prosecutor General on the case of the RA Criminal Code a criminal case has been initiated on the case under Article 311, Part 4, Clause 2, Article 312, Part 3, Clause և Article 313, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code and has been sent to anticorruption committee for beginning preliminary investigation.
     A decision has been made by the Acting Prosecutor General on June 9 2022 to involve K.N. as a defendant Article 311, Part 4 of the RA Criminal Code to the investigator conducting the proceedings to bring charges.
     Based on the investigator's findings, KN other persons who had committed a crime were apprehended by the workers of RA National Security Service. Informs The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia.

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