«Transformation of the future»: TEDxMoskovyanStSalon conference

14:55, Tuesday, 25 May, 2021
«Transformation of the future»: TEDxMoskovyanStSalon conference

A TEDxMoskovyanSt conference was held in the State Chamber theatre of Yerevan, which was organized by ''Youth for Chance'' NGO, IDBank and Idram.

Six speakers presented their thoughts on the topic of Transformation of the future.

The aim of the conference is to provide an open platform for all those who have valuable ideas and are ready to share them. 2020 was a year of transformations, say the organizers of the event. In order to survive, a number of sectors underwent a difficult and sometimes ambiguous path of transformation.

''At the crossroads of transformations, we decided to look to the future, because today, more than ever, we need to at least outline future transformations, to have a vision and strategy for development. And since we have professionals in their field who are ready to share their experience and knowledge, we decided to initiate this conference with our TEDxMoskovyanSt partners, of course giving the opportunity to professionals in other fields to share their valuable ideas and maybe change something in people's mindsets'' - said Tatevik Vardevanyan, the head of Communications unit of IDBank, the host of TEDxMoskovyanSt conference.

The speakers of TEDxMoskovyanSt were:

1. Irina Pahlevanyan - Co-founder and CEO of ''INDIGAMI'' Kids’ club

2. Nina Grigoryan - Learning and Development projects for the countries of Caucasus and Moldova in Philip Morris International

3. Sergey Arakelyan - Digital banking director of IDBank

4. Anahit Vardanyan - SMART Programs Innovation officer, COAF

5. Karen Nalbandyan - Business development director of IDBank

6. Narek Amirkhanyan - CEO and Partner, ''Millennium 5'' agency

Sergey Arakelyan, the Digital banking director of IDBank spoke about the digital identity which is no less important than the real identity nowadays: how to safely navigate the digital ocean, what does it mean to provide with personal data and what it can bring.

IDBank Business development director Karen Nalbandyan presented the financial and technological transformation processes and possible development scenarios of the sector using the example of Idram&IDBank platform.

''Considering the successful cooperation between IDBank and Idram and the TEDx format, we have decided to not only share our experience but also give opportunity to other speakers to present their vision of the transformation of the future. In general, today we can already state that Idram and IDBank have become the driving force of the long-awaited transformations in the fintech sector in our country'' - said Gor Amiryan, the head of marketing of Idram.

Grigor Janikyan , the founder and chief organizer of TEDxMoskovyanSt considers the cooperation with Idram and IDBank successful․ "Changes have been taking place since 2020, of which we are a part, and we decided to implement a joint program on the transformation of the future. We have chosen the speakers in accordance with the basic principles of TED, according to which speakers can be people who have innovative ideas and a desire to share with the audience"- Grigor Janikyan concluded.

The first TED conference was held 37 years ago in California․ The main goal of the conference is to spread valuable ideas. The TEDx format was created by TED to enable local companies in different countries to organize independent TED conferences.

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