#Facebook will start labeling pages and posts from state-controlled media

17:30, Saturday, 06 June, 2020
#Facebook will start labeling pages and posts from state-controlled media

Facebook will start labeling the pages, posts and advertisements of state-controlled media outlets, the company announced Thursday.

The labels will immediately start appearing on pages belonging to outlets such as state-run Russia Today and China's Xinhua. Starting next week, users in the United States will start to see the label appear on these outlets' individual posts — labels that will eventually be introduced in other countries.
     Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policy, told CNN Business in an interview on Thursday that the company is taking such an approach so users know more about where their information is coming from.
     "The concern for us is state media combines the agenda setting power of a media entity with the strategic backing of a state," Gleicher said. "If you're reading coverage of a protest, it's really important you know who is writing that coverage and what motivation they have. The goal of this is to ensure the public will see and understand who is behind it."

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