Trump Relocates Due to Bad Attitude in New York

18:40, Friday, 01 November, 2019
Trump Relocates Due to Bad Attitude in New York

The US President announced that he is no longer a resident of New York and is registered in Florida. According to The New York Times, this may be due to tax issues.
     US President Donald Trump changed his permanent residence from New York to Florida due to the "bad attitude" of local politicians towards him. About it he wrote at Twittter.“I fell in love with the White House and I hope to spend another five years in it, Despite this, Palm Beach, Florida will become a permanent residence for me and my family.Earlier, The New York Times, citing documents, said that Trump and his family changed their permanent residence. Prior to this, the official residence was the Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he moved in 1983.The NYT White House declined to comment on Trump's legal move, but a source close to the president said it was tax-related. At the same time, according to NYT, having moved to Florida, Trump could have avoided the maximum taxation, which in New York State is almost 9%, and in New York City – almost 4%.

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