Inecobank to sponsor ''Sevan Startup Summit 2019''

11:00, Friday, 19 July, 2019
Inecobank to sponsor ''Sevan Startup Summit 2019''

Today, Inecobank has announced about a new initiative to support the startup sector in Armenia. The Bank is supporting “Sevan Startup Summit 2019” project and is the sponsor of the “Big Battle” nomination.

Taking part in “Sevan Startup Summit 2019” and being a sponsor, the Bank aims to promote the establishment and development of innovative technology-driven ideas in Armenia.

"Inecobank highly appreciates the organization of such IT events in Armenia, that further the economic growth through the development of IT industry in the country and promotion of business processes. Today, sponsoring the “Sevan Startup Summit 2019” annual conference and being the sponsor of the “Big Battle” nomination, the Bank contributes to the development of newly established structures involved in innovative technologies, providing a platform for cooperation and growth and supports further improved implementation of best ideas and solutions," said Aren Nalthakyan, the Marketing and Development Director of Inecobank.

The Seaside Startup Summit CEO, Vahagn Rapyan, stated. “Sevan Startup Summit has become the most awaited regional startup event. Each year we are trying to involve more beneficiaries. We are happy to announce about our partnership with Inecobank and hope to enjoy continuous cooperation with them”.

"Sevan Startup Summit" is organized since 2016 and is aimed at creating new ways of cooperation between start ups and investors. This year about 1000 startups, more than 200 programmers have applied for participation in the summit, and around 100 mentors and business experts have been invited from all around the world.

"Sevan Startup Summit 2019" will be held from July 28 to August 3 in the Sevan National Park.

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