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"Putin needs modern weapons not modern Russia", american media writes

11:40, Saturday, 03 March, 2018
"Putin needs modern weapons not modern Russia", american media writes

Putin's statement on developing new armaments systems at RF Federal Council Session has received great response to US mass media. This is due to 2 reasons: first of all on the agenda which included not only domestic political issues but also issues related to arming the armaments secondly the media has paid attention to the date: the Russian leader said on the eve of the presidential elections. Most of the American media articles are devoted to these two topics: armament and the 4th term of Vladimir Putin's presidency.

So Bloomberg notes an unusual demonstration of military force was a dramatic part of the speech. The speech started with the promise of promoting the quality of life and health and infrastructure costs. "Putin used his message to secure his fourth term, which he hopes to get without effort on March 18 but the toughest rhetoric was addressed to the United States", writes the agency. Bloomberg also reminds that this year's event was held in a large hall to show a video of the finest armor on a huge screen. In its turn the TV channel CNBC writes about the social side of Putin's speech in which the current president of RF "will celebrate his victory without efforts". Such a statement also occurs in Los Angeles Time, The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune periodicals.

"Putin needs modern weapons not modern Russia", says another article in Bloomberg. "Modernization of the armaments will take place if the whole country is modernized. This is a more complicated issue that Putin is well aware of", emphasizes the agency.

CNN analyst believes that Putin's message was direct to one audience. According to him, the speech is about US President Donald Trump.

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