'Super-Producing' Mom Donates 700 Gallons of Breast Milk

02:10, Tuesday, 23 January, 2018
'Super-Producing' Mom Donates 700 Gallons of Breast Milk

Hundreds of babies are benefiting from one Oregon mom with Hyper Lactation Syndrome, as she produces more than a gallon and a half of breast milk per day.

The woman, Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, donates her abundant breast milk supply… gallons of it… to babies and hospitals in need, calling it her labor of love, according to KATU News.

Elisabeth sends her milk to a milk bank that then supplies hospitals nationwide with micro preemies weighing as little as a pound, or those born before 26 weeks who can’t drink anything else.

“Breastmilk is liquid gold, it should never be thrown away,” said Anderson-Sierra.

Despite being a mom of two herself, Anderson-Sierra also spends time pumping and donating her milk to local moms in need.

“I produce over 200 ounces a day… right at about 225 ounces. Normally a mother produces 20-30 ounces a day to meet her child’s needs,” said Anderson-Sierra.

Elisabeth gets reimbursed a dollar per ounce of her milk, yet continues to donate the money back to hospitals.

While Elisabeth spends hours a day pumping milk, not to mention buying bags, maintaining the pumps, sanitation kits, and freezers to store the milk, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Being able to help so many babies every single day is just a beautiful thing. There are overproducers out there, that are willing to share, and willing to help,” says Anderson-Sierra.

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