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In the air strikes in Yemen killed more than 50 people

16:05, Monday, 25 December, 2017
In the air strikes in Yemen killed more than 50 people

The Saudis also destroyed a ballistic missile Huthis.

In the airstrike of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia killed at least 50 rebels-Houthis in the West of Yemen, said channel Sky News Arabia.

“Killed more than 50 militants funded by Iran troops during the coalition bombing, the purpose of which were military reinforcements in the areas Jarahi and Hayes, and in the vicinity Tokaty at the front on the West coast,” — said the channel, which broadcasts from the coalition of the UAE.

In addition, according to the channel, coalition forces destroyed a ballistic missile to the rebels. It managed to destroy near the port of RAS ISA with the platform to run “during the attempts of the members of the movement to prepare it and run”. The intended purpose of the impending strike channel does not have .

The channel noted that on Sunday the coalition bombing also affected Western surroundings, the rebels seized the capital Sana’a.

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