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Apple is in second earns 1444 dollar

14:45, Friday, 15 December, 2017
Apple is in second earns 1444 dollar

According to a recent study by TitleMax Apple earns every second 1444 of the dollar, which allowed him to be on the first place ranking among all companies. The information was published on the official website TitleMax.

If we take into account only the IT sector, the closest competitor to the “Apple” of the company is Alphabet – “mother of Google” – which earns every second of 615 USD. Followed by Microsoft with an income of 531 USD second.The company Facebook earns much less – just $ 323 per second.

Besides the fact that Apple has the highest revenue, the company is also worth more than others – it is estimated at 756 billion.

Informed The Correspondent.net reported that experts called the world’s most expensive brands. Topped the rating of the company Apple.

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